So... that day Ellen Degeneres taught me the words to 'Heart and Soul'

You know when you're a child and there is a piano around and someone in your group will march up the piano and show off their mad piano-playing skills by plinking out the little diddy that goes "duh duh duhhhhh... duhduhduhduhduhdu.... duh duh duhhhhh...."

You don't?

Well, if you heard it, you'd know the one I'm talking about.

Actually, although I had no piano skills (I played the flute) I had some pretty talented friends so they were actually more likely to burst into a concerto by Mozart or a church song (we were all Catholic school kids so mass twice a week was a thing) than that little diddy.  BUT when I was in high school my friend Nicole would scream loudly "OH I KNOW HOW TO PLAY!"  and either play that one or "Let's Go Fly a Kite".  Both are probably about at a 4 year olds level I think, for those playing piano.

Anyway.  Where was I?
(Sipping a little more peppermint coffee)

I have always heard this little plinked tune on a piano my whole life... by numerous (and I mean numerous) people.


So this week I have a kick-butt cold that has knocked me for a loop.  Just getting dressed pretty much exhausts me and I'm spending my day surrounded by mounds of Vicks-infused tissues, hot beverages and my laptop.  And while be-bopping around Youtube a few days ago, I stumbled upon the old "Ellen" shows.  NOT the ones she does now.  If you are perhaps a little too young to remember, she had a show back in the 90's called Ellen.  Where she ran a book store called "Buy The Book".   Being sick and miserable this week, I took the opportunity to watch back-to-back episodes of the old ELLEN show on Youtube.  All week.  Like...  I made it through a season a day this week.

And today I finished the end of season 3, episode 25...; which is where Paige and Matt don't get married AND where I learned OMG THAT PIANO DIDDY HAS LYRICS??

HOW did I never know this?
HOW did I miss this in life?
I know the most random songs.  The most random lyrics.  Doesn't matter if it's from 1933 or 2015 - I can't tell you who sings it, but I can sing along with it.

So here I am, feeling like a dummy because sure enough, after watching the Ellen show, I looked up "Heart and Soul" and OMG like everyone has sung it.  Everyone.  From Tori Amos to Helena Bonham Carter to Bea Wain and Larry Clinton to (of course) Dean Martin.

So I'm feeling pretty stupid and foolish for never knowing this.

But I thought, what the heck, I'll ramble about it on Coffee Talking because I bet somewhere,  there is someone else that has no idea those are the WORDS to that little piano diddy that every five year old can plink out on a piano.



Skip to the 9 minute mark for Heart and Soul

Although Ellen's version is a little different from the original, here are the lyrics I found as sung back in 1939.

Heart and soul, I fell in love with you
Heart and soul, the way a fool would do, madly
Because you held me tight
And stole a kiss in the night

Heart and soul, I begged to be adored
Lost control, and tumbled overboard, gladly
That magic night we kissed
There in the moon mist

Oh! but your lips were thrilling, much too thrilling
Never before were mine so strangely willing

But now I see, what one embrace can do
Look at me, it's got me loving you madly
That little kiss you stole
Held all my heart and soul

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