Check that SPAM in your long term storage... Bulging cans that NEED to be thrown out

I have no idea how or why I stumbled upon it this morning, I found myself reading a comment by someone who had some SPAM in their long term emergency storage and mentioned it was bulging at the seams and ready to blow up.  They checked their stock and found more and ultimately threw them out.

I did a search of the net and looked at pages and pages of returns; hundreds of instances where people had SPAM (regular and low sodium) in their cupboards or emergency stores or camping supplies and found they were bulging.  Many contacted Hormel who just took their names and sent them coupons.  No explanations other than not to eat any of the products that were bulging or had their seals damaged or tampered with.

I am not a SPAM eater so I was passively interested until I suddenly remembered;  "I'm pretty sure I bought a few cans of it a couple years ago and put it into our emergency food storage...."  I decided it was worth going to check.

I had bought the SPAM because I know as long as the seals are strong and the cans aren't damaged, that stuff lasts forever.  And if we had a week long power outage, a loss of employment for any length of time, bad storms, flooding, or any reason the delivery transit systems were disrupted and grocery stores couldn't get fresh deliveries every 3 days - some good, hot ham slices cooked over a campfire would be pretty darn good.

So I checked.  Now, the message boards I was glancing at all seemed to have 'best buy' dates on the 'bad' cans that were from roughly April of 2014 to October 2015 (keep in mind that is not an expiration date - there is no expiration date. The food is good forever until the seal is broken or the contents inside are compromised.)


I had bulging cans too.

I truly WAS surprised.  I really did not think mine would be.

The two cans I had bought were the 'Bacon' style SPAM - and yep, expiration April 2015 just like all the other readers I found talking about it on the internet.

The pictures really don't show the bulging as much as you can see it in 'real life'.
The bottoms are bulging and don't sit flat.
The sides are bulging out and you can't press them in without feeling like the can will blow up.
I could hear and feel the product inside moving around but the cans are bursting with built up gases.

I found one comment that said they opened a bulging can and it looked and smelled ok so they fried some up to eat.  Sure enough - they got sick from it.  I'm glad they didn't eat more of it.  Botulism KILLS you - and it cannot be seen or smelled!  Foods look and smell just fine but are deadly.

Yes... my cans were tossed!!!!

this can is not 'dented' it is misshapen due to the bulging


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