Coffee Themed Pajamas....

It's a lazy Saturday morning... (at least for a few minutes more until the family wakes up).  I've got my coffee in hand and I realized I had the old 80's tune "Coffee in bed...."  playing through my head.

That led me to think about the scene in Mr. & Mrs. Smith (where Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's characters had met and slept with each other and he wakes her in the morning with coffee he had gone out to get and tells her he had to milk a goat to get it...)  and that made me think about coffee pajamas. (Um, no, she wasn't wearing any of course... it's just what I thought of next.)

And that is what led to this mornings post on Coffee Talking!

I think I've done a post on coffee themed pajamas and coffee pajama pants once before (?) but it was a long, long time ago.  So I clicked over to Amazon (because I'm an affiliate and because their search engine is so freakin' easy to use - and I'm a sucker for free shipping)  and I found a few jammies I thought were kind of cool.

I also chose some that came in a variety of styles and sizes.  Including 2XL, etc.  So... something for everyone!  Because what coffee lover wouldn't love coffee pajamas?  Everyone would.





PajamaGram Women's ‘I Need Coffee' Pajamas


Women's Printed Minky Fleece Pajama Pant