Do things being 'off' or 'uneven' or 'cluttered' make you so uncomfortable you go crazy?

Photos That Are So Uncomfortable You Probably Won’t Finish Scrolling
Source:  www.boredpanda.com/annoying-uncomfortable-disturbing-imperfection-pictures/

On my computer, the desktop cannot be cluttered with a hundred items.  My task bar has to be as empty as possible.
My kitchen pantry has cans and bottles precisely lined up - although I admit I no longer alphabetize them.  Instead, they are grouped by food types.  Vegetables. Beans. Tomato products. Soups. Yada yada.

Picture frames are hung straight and centered with each other if in a grouping.

You get what I'm saying, right?

Some things you just have to do because anything less would drive you bonkers.

And that is why I chuckled when I was be-bopping around the internet and saw this 'for fun' slideshow.  Source referenced above if you want to search for more.

HOW can they live with the cupboard doors so obviously awkward!?  GAH! FIX IT!

This one... I just can't look away. As if I'm expecting it to pop the top and spill any second.

I HATE THIS! Often I don't put the sleeves up because my hands are dirty (obviously) or I don't want to stretch my sleeves out - but no matter how careful I am... this happens. And it feels TERRIBLE and HORRIBLE and bugs me I sometimes have to change.

If this was my workplace I'd be sneaking in a hammer and nails the next day and fixing it. I'm sure others would thank me as well.

What?  Just... why?

This just happened to me this morning! I often re-write the WHOLE PAGE just because I can't stand that rip.

I. Can't. Breathe.

WHO in their right mind thought this was ok????

I know, I know "gee, first world problems" but hello?  It really can drive some of us bonkers to see - we must rip it off and start fresh.

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