Helpful Hint to Stop EXPLODING K-CUP PODS (or finding grinds in some of your coffee cups)

EXPLODING PODS or finding grinds in some of your coffee cups:

Sometimes people complain about 'poorly sealed' k-cup pods and they get grinds in their cup.

This happens sometimes with any and all brands.

Sometimes it may be a bad batch and it truly may not have gotten a good seal at the factory.  Perhaps their machines were acting up that day.  However, another reason this sometimes happens is that the seal is so GOOD.

The little pods have a lot of pressure built up in them to keep the grinds fresh (which I'm thankful for as it beats the pants off the flavor of 'pot' brewed coffee).  So if you place them into your Keurig and close the lid, sometimes when the needle(s) on the bottom and top pop through the pods, especially if they pop the seals at the same time, the air pressure forces some of the fine grinds through.

Try this:  when you put your pod in, press it down firmly - you'll hear the pop.  Now the pressure has been released. Then close the lid so the top needle pierces the seal.  This should get rid of the problem unless it truly is a seal issue or an overfilled k-cup.  Which doesn't happen all that often in light of the billions of these little pods sold.


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