I found out how - "How do I change my picture on Yahoo mail contacts?"

A hundred years ago I signed up for a yahoo email for our family and since my elderly father-in-law and my own parents and a handful of other family members and old friends that I only stay in touch with a couple times a year have that one and use it... we keep it even though I hate it. (I hate Yahoo but that's a different topic for another day.)

I'm starting to ramble aren't I?  (I warned ya... it's just the coffee talking again.)

So...   How do I change my picture on Yahoo mail contacts?

First off, this is *NOT* your yahoo photo, it's not a 'profile' photo.
You cannot see nor change this photo/image in any of the Yahoo settings. 
That is different. 

This is a photo that automatically shows up next to your name in your mail CONTACTS.
Example: when you are going to send an email and you start to type someone's name, your contacts will 'pop up' to click on. Sometimes you will see a tiny little square next to their contact name with an avatar.  
And if this is YOUR NAME and you see that avatar you might be thinking;  "Where the hell did that come from and how do I get rid of it?"  Because it's not just showing up for you - it's showing up to everyone who has you in their contacts.

Every few months or so, it would bug me enough to go digging down into the trenches of Yahoo's settings, worthless "HELP" pages, outdated links they send to you (of their own dead pages) and I could never find this image or this setting and their 'help' was worthless.

I'd do a quick search around the internet and found some people asking the same question but the help was usually again, worthless, because MANY times everyone would tell them it was in the 'settings'  - just click on settings, bring up your own yahoo account and change the image.


And if you have the same problem as I did trying to find this darn thing then you are nodding your head in agreement right now because you've done the same thing and people keep telling you the wrong advice.

Tonight though - I FOUND IT.  I found where Yahoo is 'grabbing' that image from.

(NOTE:  You can opt to grab peoples photos from their Facebook pages, etc. but I do not have a Facebook - nor will I ever.) It wasn't Facebook that was my issue.  (If you have Facebook and your image is from there, you will want to disconnect your yahoo account and your facebook account from talking to each other in your own settings). Yahoo was 'grabbing' the image attached to my email address from 'somewhere' else.  But where?

Something about the image was ringing a bell waaaaay in the back of my brain.  Because I  remembered briefly using that little tiny avatar image about 10-12 years ago....


So I grabbed my alphabetized website/password list I keep and I started to read through it hoping something would 'click'.  
Now, you have to realize this is an on-going list that I've just kept and added to for years.  And years.  And at least half the sites I don't go to anymore or they don't even exist anymore.  But oddly, I've found this list to save my butt too many times to mention so I have it and keep the list.  Whatever.  It works for me.  Anyway!

DING DING DING DING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bells were ringing in my head.
I go to gravatar and there lies my answer.
I remember using this once - forever ago. 10 years?
I try to log in but it won't let me.  The ONLY way to log in now is through WordPress and if you don't have a WordPress account you have to make one.

I got logged in and there I was.
Or at least there that stupid image 'gravatar' was.
I was able to DELETE my Gravatar from my profile.
I actually wanted to delete the whole profile but they said that's not possible.  You can only opt to 'hide' it after deleting the image but there is no deletion of your own profile.

Gravatar is a site I signed up for in October of 2006. 2006! And hadn't been back since.  

But this whole time - almost 11 years now; any universal site that was connected to Gravatar or grabbed profile images from them automatically based on someone's email address, was grabbing this image attached to my email/profile.
SO IF YOU EVER EVER EVER IN THE HISTORY OF YOUR INTERNET HISTORY USED GRAVATAR - OR WORDPRESS - CHECK IT!   Whatever avatar you have in those sites is being 'grabbed' by yahoo mail as your contact image photo next to your name.

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