It's Just The Coffee Talking: What I'm drinking this morning - Kirklands (Costco) Pacific Bold - you can buy it even if you are not a member of Costco

(NOTE: I'm also going to discuss exploding k-cup pods and one idea of how to remedy that....)


This morning (this whole week actually) I'm drinking the Costco (membership warehouse) brand coffee.  More specifically, the Kirkland Pacific Bold K-Cups.

Doesn't really matter to this post, but let's start off with this.....
I haven't talked about this (or any of Costco's items) for a couple years now simply because I rarely, if ever shop there.  I am a member - and I have been since 1988 - when I was still a teenager actually.  But  I rarely shop there now for two reasons.  One, is it's too far away and it's a horrible traffic pattern and heavy traffic to get there and even worse when you arrive as the parking lot and access road was obviously designed by someone who was high or drunk at the time.  Getting into and out of that parking lot takes an act of God.  

Second is that particular Costco is awful and I hate it.  The layout, the employees, lack of available items we use weekly or semi-weekly that I can't get there (did I say layout... OMGosh the layout of the store is idiotic and hard to shop!).  But I keep up my membership and shop there about once a year because we move and relocate around the country fairly often and sometimes we live next to really 'good' Costco's and it's my go-to store.

So anyway - now that you know (and probably don't care) why I don't shop Costco often anymore...  I DID shop there last weekend.  I of course I needed my semi-weekly coffee purchase so I ended up buying their brand.  The 120 K-Cup Pods Dark Roast Fair Trade Certified 100% Arabica Coffee.

First off I'm going to put their product description here from their site:

Kirkland Signature™ K-Cup® Pods deliver tremendous value and quality to the Costco member. They are designed specifically for use with the Keurig® Brewing System, are conveniently packed and fulfilled in 120 count cases, and are crafted with 100% premium Arabica beans. They are the perfect combination of quality and value; the quality delivered by Keurig® Brewed technology coupled with the outstanding value members expect from the Kirkland Signature brand.

Dark roasted for the perfect balance of smoky and sweet, this robust brew lives up to its name. Intense, invigorating but surprisingly smooth, Pacific Bold is an exhilarating experience for those who like coffee with a little attitude.

We are proud to offer you our Kirkland Signature Breakfast Blend coffee as a Fair Trade™ certified product featuring the same great taste you love.  This certification reflects our commitment to responsibly sourced and sustainably grown coffees and to maintaining quality relationships with the farmers who supply it.

  • 100% Premium Arabic Beans
  • Dark Roast
  • Extra Bold
  • 11.5 grams
  • 240 Kirkland Signature K-Cup® Pods

Typically, due to the cost of these little pods, I buy the bulk box from Sam's Club even though it's not the 'best' tasting coffee out there. It's affordable.  I like my coffee bold and strong so I brew the k-cup pod at 6 oz to get the flavor I need out of my morning brew.  I found that with the Kirklands, although I can brew it at 6 oz, I don't have to.  I can brew it at 8 oz. and it's still bold enough and dark enough and delicious enough that I can enjoy it and get 2 more ounces of liquid gold out of each pod. 

Flavor?  It's a simple and smooth Arabic bean.  I like that it's not bitter and it's not burnt tasting.  

With many coffees I can't drink them once they start to cool down - because I like my coffee around 192-200 degrees.  If it starts to cool and gets down to about 170 I can't drink it any longer as the flavor changes.  But I can sip this one while I typing this blog post - and it's completely cooled down to barely warm - and I'm not gagging or pouring it out.  So there's that.

If you live near a Costco and you have a membership you can pick up a box of these and they are pretty affordable.  If you don't have a membership or don't live near a Costco you can still buy them as they are available on Amazon.

EXPLODING PODS or finding grinds in some of your coffee cups:

The last thing I want to mention is sometimes people complain about 'poorly sealed' pods and they get grinds in their cup.  This isn't just with Kirklands brand but with any and all brands.  Sometimes it may be a bad batch and it truly may not have gotten a good seal at the factory.  Perhaps their machines were acting up that day.  However, another reason this sometimes happens is that the seal is SO GOOD.

The little pods have a lot of pressure built up in them to keep the grinds fresh (which I'm thankful for as it beats the pants off the flavor of 'pot' brewed coffee).  So if you place them into your iCoffee or Keurig and close the lid, sometimes when the needle(s) on the bottom and top pop through the pods, especially if they pop the seals at the same time, the air pressure forces some of the fine grinds through.

Try this:  when you put your pod in, press it down firmly - you'll hear the pop.  Now the pressure has been released. Then close the lid so the top needle pierces the seal.  This should get rid of the problem unless it truly is a seal issue or an overfilled k-cup.  Which doesn't happen all that often in light of the billions of these little pods sold.

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