The "Oh Crap it's Valentine's Day" EASY GIFT BAG SET. Coffee Mugs, LOVE frame, little teddy bear, chocolates, etc.

This is not the "most incredible gift EVER!" but it is a quick and easy "Oh my gosh it's Valentine's Day in a couple days" kind of gift that admittedly, guys like to buy.  Why?  Because you buy this set, it's delivered from Amazon, you open the enclosed gift bag up and you put everything inside of it, and you give it.

The little teddy bear is small... which personally a lot of girls/women prefer because you don't want huge stuffed animals all over the place after you are like, eight years old.  The little tiny bears work great in cars or at an office desk.  The chocolates, coffee mugs and LOVE frame, all speak for themselves. 

I saw this one on Amazon when I was looking at coffee mugs and thought I'd just put it on Coffee Talking for any reader who wanted the quick & easy gift that looks like you picked it all out yourself.

Valentine Gift Set; Complete with Gift Bag, Tissue Paper, Red Rose, "I Love You" Mini Bear, 2 Valentine Mugs & 1 Large of Hershey Red Kiss! Assembly Required.
  • Includes: Valentine Gift Bag with 10 Red Tissue Paper; Red Love Frame
  • 1 Artificial Everlasting Red Rose; 1 Mini "I Love You" Bear; 2 Valentine Theme Mugs; Valentine Back Scratcher
  • 1 Large of Red Hershey Kisses in a beautiful Gift Box; Net Wt. 7 oz.
  • Minimum assembly required; Just open the bag, put the tissue paper in & all the other gifts. Makes the perfect Valentine Gift for him and her!