Anyone ever hear of this? A 'match making' pen pal program circa 1958 (?) - 1962 (?) possibly through Reader's Digest and local Churches

This post shows I can 'ramble' over ice cold water just as well as I ramble over coffee!  

About four or five years ago my father-in-law was visiting.  Everyone else in the family was either gone or occupied so it was just he and I sitting in the family room.  The family bible was sitting on the side table and he had picked it up to flip through the front pages where you write your family history.  We started to chat about their family history (most of which I don't know well due to my husband not knowing much about his family history.  Their family just never sat around and talked about 'old family stories' like some families do.)  I took the opportunity to ask just how he and his wife had met.

(I would like to interject here that I've never had a mother-in-law because she passed away when my husband was 12 years old. I'm sure I could have learned so much from her through the years, but it wasn't meant to be.)

My father-in-law started to tell me the story of how they met.  It involved a pen pal program.  You meet with your local minister or pastor and fill out a questionnaire and they send it into (I believe he said) the Reader's Digest.  Later the minister got a match back from the program and you met with him to get the information on your pen pal.  I don't recall if the first letters had to go through them or how that worked.  But they met that way, wrote a few letters back and forth and decided to meet.

They married 'late' for that era - their late 30's.  Maybe 38 and 36 respectively?

My father-in-law turns 90 next year and he sometimes confuses some of the details in stories so I'm not sure of exact details.  I tried to google a Reader's Digest Pen Pal program for dating and relationships that would have been active around 1959 - 1960 ish and involved using your local minister or pastor but I didn't find anything.

Anyone out there in internet-land know of a program that this sounds like?

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