Backpacking: The light and easy option for COFFEE. Pods.

I'm pretty excited about two camping trips coming up this spring/early summer.  This morning's post over coffee is to show you the quick, easy and lightweight options I'm packing in my backpack.

Coffee pods.

Yes, I love my camp coffee in a pot, yes I love my French Press Camping Mug, I even love making it in my Stanley cup... but this trip is even more lightweight as I don't want to carry coffee grounds and large mugs or my camp coffee pot.   

When space and weight is important to the trip, this is one option I love.  Coffee pods.  Not k-cups - pods

The photo above is 2 packs of biodegradable pods I picked up for my daughter and I.  I am not brand specific so I got one Melitta and one Senseo.  I picked up a vanilla flavor for her and a dark roast for me.  Heat up your water over the fire, pop a pod into your cup of choice and pour the simmering hot water over.  Let it brew about 4 minutes, take out your pod (or drink it with the pod left in it, I'm not gonna judge!) and enjoy your coffee.  When you are done, either toss your pod on the fire or bury it in the ground.  They are biodegradable and compost happy!

From the Senseo website:

The coffee pods are manufactured with filter paper made of all natural fibers. All of the filter paper used to make coffee pods are oxygen bleached, and no chloride is used in the process.  The filter paper is able to be composted in a normal garden compost heap.

  • If you have room in your pack you can put the package of pods in just as it is and not open it until you need to.
  • You can open the bag, squeeze out the air and compact it to save space if needed. The pods aren't harmed.
  • My favorite way is to open the pods right before we are leaving and stack them inside my Stanley Adventure Mug (this is the exact one I bought on Amazon myself). Shove your pods in, dump them out when you heat your water, use it as your coffee mug and after drying it out, you pack your pods back in it. Space saver!
  • Use a Ziplock baggy if you wish or any other small container to hold them.

Now, I'm not going to get a strong, incredible home brewed coffee this way; but it gives a nice cup, and the lack of space & weight is great.  Besides, when it's a chilly, early morning and you've just woken up and crawled out of your tent and are enjoying your first coffee of the day in a camping or backpacking environment, it's amazing how good that coffee tastes.

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