Rambling over Coffee... Money Network scammers... hidden fees and unauthorized changes

Last summer my daughter was looking for a job and wanted to get hired at Tuesday Morning as she loves shopping there.  We knew it was a huge mistake when she got into the hiring process - (how they even manage to run a business or stay in business is beyond me).  By the time she got them to get their butts in gear and get the paperwork submitted she only worked for 3 weeks before she had to quit to return to college.

Also unfortunate was that we did not know they paid by a 'money card' until she was hired.  It took almost 2 weeks to  get those idiots to do their jobs and get her payroll account/card set up.  By the time she got them to give her her paychecks, she only got 2 of them before she had to quit and go back to school. 

She quit the last week of July and moved back to college the first week of August.

In November I received a letter delivered to our daughter at our home address from "Money Network" and it said

"Congratulations!  Your account has been upgraded to a Premier Account.  A Premier Account enables you to continue using your Account as you always have for purchases, cash withdrawls and to pay bills."

 At first I was concerned someone had used my daughters information to open an account and her information was breached or hacked but then I saw this; 

Near the end of the letter it says;

"Why has my account been upgraded to a Premier Account?"

An automatic upgrade occurs when you stop receiving payroll loads from the employer that originally sponsored your account.

The mention of the 'employer' made me realize it was probably the company Tuesday Morning used for their payroll payments.  But since DD had quit working there, there was no money coming in on the card, no money going on out the card and actually I think my daughter cut it up and threw it away after she quit working for Tuesday Morning.

Today I was going through the 'final' filing pile for 2016.  What to keep and what to shred.  I came across this letter in the file folder and my eye caught the print at the bottom;

".... the Premier Account has a nominal Monthly Maintenance Fee.  For more information about the monthly fee, please refer to your Welcome Packet or contact Customer Service at the number on the back of your card for assistance."


A card she didn't WANT but it was the only way to get paid by her employer.
A card she never used other than getting her earned income from her job.
A card she never used after she quit working for Tuesday Morning.
A card she cut up and threw away as it was only used to get her earned income from her job.

And they upgrade it without her permission and are apparently charging her for it?

I went online to look up Money Network and wow...  talk about scammers.  Complaints ALL OVER THE PLACE for everything you can imagine.  WHY does Walmart or Tuesday Morning or any other company USE THESE???

And apparently all customer service is routed to INDIA of course so you can't understand a damn word they say, they don't know how to answer any question that isn't on their practiced script and they lie through their teeth to you.


I texted my daughter at college about this and told her she needs to call this company and make sure her account is deleted and get a letter confirming this.  Make sure they are NOT charging her hidden fees every month since November without her knowledge.

This is just the beginning.  I'll let you know what we find out.

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