Unsponsored Review of GeerTop Sleeping Bags I Ordered from Amazon

As I got ready to do a camping trip for my birthday, I realized that somehow, all our sleeping bags but one have 'disappeared' and walked away.  (I have 3 kids... it happens!)  I had recently purchased some fleece sleep sacks and a winter sleeping bag but I needed some lightweight and warmer weather bags.  Something for about 40 degrees at night up to 65 or so during the day.

I looked and researched a long time as I had a couple things important to me.  Mainly - I hate to feel confined and claustrophobic in my bags and I have to be able to turn over when I'm in it!  For this reason I had book marked these Geertop bags on Amazon but I was hesitating to order as it was obviously a Chinese made item and those can be hit or miss.  I finally ordered two (the orange and green colors - in the large size so it would be wide) and I ended up loving everything about them so I went back and ordered one more (in blue).

From the Amazon page description:

The sleeping bag can be opened fully to be used as a quilt
Double zipper design allows the sleeping bag to be opened from the inside or outside.
The sleeping bag can be attached to another sleeping bag

The sleeping bag will accommodate most people up to 6 ft 3” (190 cm) . 
The medium size measures (75 + 12) x 30 inches / (190 + 30) x 75 cm and weighs 3.09 lbs (1.4kg). 
The large size measures (75 + 12) x 34 inches / (190 + 30) x 85 cm and weighs 3.53 lbs (1.6kg).

● The zipper goes all the way to the bottom allowing your feet to breath freely on a warm night, also allowing you to walk around with the sleeping bag on.
● Built in windshield on the inner portion
● Elastic cord to ensure a perfect fit
● Built-in pocket for carrying small gadgets
● 210T extra strong woven fabric combined with superfine pongee polyester lining.

I ordered my GeerTop sleeping bags from Amazon - you can also find them through my affiliate links here: