A product review: Sam's Club "Member's Mark" single origin organic coffee: Guatemalan, Nicaraguan and Sumatran

Sam's Club "Member's Mark" single origin organic coffee.

  • Guatemalan  (from the highlands of Guatemala, smooth with a hint of chocolate)
  • Nicaraguan  (from the mountain regions of Nicaragua, a nutty bouquet and subtle flavors)
  • Sumatran  (the western-most island of Indonesia, a smooth full body)

Yesterday I was doing our regular bi-weekly shopping and coffee was on the list.  I saw a new product at Sam's Club and decided to try it.  It was $32.98 for a 72 count box.  I assumed the little k-cup style pods would be loose in the box but surprisingly they each had their own box.  Three small boxes inside the larger box.   Cute little boxes - and I guess nice if you want them all lined up on your counter or cupboard, but I emptied all of them into the bigger box, filled our individual pod holder on the counter and put the extras back in our pantry.


TASTE:   Well, I hate to say it but the word that describes all three versions is 'weak'.   But this is not necessarily a bad thing.  You see, I like my coffee strong, hot and black.  A nice dark or even medium dark roast.  I also brew it at the 6 oz. size - not 8 or 10 like many people.  So because of that, you can tell I need and want a nice, smooth, dark, full bodied cup of coffee.

But many people enjoy a lighter cup of coffee.  This is perfect for them - or you if that is you!

The flavor of the Guatemalan and Nicaraguan are light.  Although their description does not list 'floral' I would say a hint of floral was in the Guatemalan cup.  It was very, very similar to the Green Mountain brand organic coffees.  If you enjoy those, you would probably like this.    The Nicaraguan I had hope for as it was a medium roast but alas...  even brewed at 6 oz. I found it lacking that "AHHHHH" factor.  It would be perfect to have on hand as a "good for everyone" coffee to serve to guests though.  Not too light, not too heavy - a good 'general' coffee option.

Lastly, I hoped the Sumatra blend would make it worth while to spend $33 on this box of coffee but alas.  The flavor was fine... but not at all on par with other Sumatran blends and brands.  If you are used to the Starbucks Sumatra blend, this is going to fail miserably in comparison.

Overall my personal opinion is this is a great box of 3 varieties of coffee to have on hand for my guests; almost none of which like their coffee as strong as my husband and I do.  It's PERFECT to have for company though as you have 3 different coffees to offer.  

For instance;  My Mother would love the light and what I consider 'weak' Guatamalan.  My Dad would do well with the medium Nicaraguan.  The Sumatran would be for those who say they like their coffee stronger. 

I now am stocked for some great tasting 'guest' coffees I can be perfectly comfortable serving.  But personally, I'm probably going to brew the Sumatran blend at a 4 oz. to get it as strong as I need my morning brew to be.

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