Oh that 1970's Decor... matador paintings on velvet, sad clowns, faux wicker and more

While taking a break and perusing the internet I came across a random comment on a post that mentioned in passing, the popular matador paintings on black velvet that were popular in the 1970's.


OMGosh I think we had one of those when I was little!

I don't have many photos of my childhood as most are of course, at my parents house, but I do have a few and I've taken a picture of a picture of many of them and put them in my computer files to save.  I quickly went to my 1970's file to see if there were any of our home at the time that may have that 'bullfighter on black velvet' in the background.

Sure enough, I found one!  A random photo of me and my baby brother - I am pretty sure my Dad was trying to convince both of us to sit still on the couch so he could take a picture; and my little brother thought it was hilarious to take off running.

While looking at the photo I couldn't help but notice the sconces, the gold couch, the candleholder with a gold candle and tiny fake rubber grapes along with those awesome gold and brown floral pillows with fringe.  But... that wasn't actually the matador painting I remembered best from my childhood.  The one I thought I remembered was much larger and I remember thinking the matador was 'looking at me' no matter where I went in the room.

I went back to my paltry collection of photos and BINGO.  I spied the painting my mother must have upgraded to soon after this first picture was taken.  This is the one I remember the best as a tiny toddler....

My edit cut off and I'm not sure why - but it said not only was it an even bigger matador painting but the gold floral chair as well as the cardboard fireplace to hang our Christmas stockings on....  oh the joys of the early 1970's!

I started to remember more things about that time (and that house) like how my room was decorated in faux wicker, we had a sad clown painting on the wall, I had a small print of Holly Hobby, etc.   A quick search of the internet for 1970's decor netted so many images of things we ACTUALLY OWNED my head was spinning.  Apparently my mother owned every single bit of 1970's decor you would.

Thanks to Etsy, Pinterest & uglyhomes dot com for some memories from my childhood.....

Ahh, the faux wood butterflies.  We also had these white.  Later my mom spray painted them light blue to match my room when we redecorated in blue and white.  I am pretty sure Mother still has these up in her house today, in 2017.

 This photo is not my house (internet photo) but could have been. Ha ha. Sad but true it looks like our old living room.
According to my little friends our house was the coolest ever for having an entire living room wall covered in cork board and mirrors.

 The fake brick.  I had forgot all about that.  We had this on the base of the island/bar in two of our homes!

Ah... the popular matador paintings of the 1970's.  On black velvet.
Really... why?

I did not actually have much Holly Hobby stuff - one tiny little print in my room.  One of my friends however, came from a family with 3 little girls and they were oh-so-lucky to have had lots of Holly Hobby 'everything' to decorate their rooms!  They even had a big 2 foot tall Holly Hobby doll.  I was jealous.

My entire toddler bedroom was decorated in this fake wicker!!!  We had these... my Mom filled them from behind with plastic flowers while they were in my room and later filled with rubber grapes when she used them to decorate the living room.

 This wallpaper is in my husbands childhood home!

Why oh why did adults feel the need to decorate with sad clown faces?  This is not art for decorating a living room!

In addition to the faux wood/wicker butterflies we had these too.  They were painted numerous times over the years to match the decor of the day....

My little shelf!  Well, not mine, but this is the plastic faux white wicker that filled my toddler bedroom.  This shelf, a little matching table and various other pieces.

Yep... this too.  Again, my mother filled it with fake flowers and rubber grapes and hung it on the wall.

Just looking at these I can remember what they felt like.  I also remember how the dust used to get stuck between all those little crevices!!  Ours started out as white but again, were spray painted over the years.  I believe their last color was blue - to match the butterflies that went on the wall of my room when I was about 7.  They might live in my Mom's bathroom today now that I think about it.

These and so many more memories flooding my brain.  Ah that 1970's decor.

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