Roasting Wheat Berries to Use for Coffee - Wheat Berry Coffee

A couple years ago I was looking for information on some 18th century recipes and stumbled across the site of Jas. Townsend and Son, Inc. Since then I end up back either on his site or sometimes his YouTube videos about once every 6 months or so (and secretly am coveting some of the period clothing - I want so badly to purchase!  How fun!)

But back to 'coffee'.

This was posted on Youtube and of course got my attention because it was an old fashioned wheat berry coffee.  I've heard of making coffee out of many different ingredients through the years, (usually due to due coffee being banned or hard to get at various points in history and around the world).

This one caught my attention because we always have wheat berries at our home as I grind our own wheat.  I thought it would make a good morning "coffee talk" topic around the kitchen table.

"We recently found this very interesting concept from John Houghton in 1694. In it he talks about using wheat berries as a substitute for coffee beans to make an imitation coffee."

I thought it was interested and I'm willing to give it a try in the near future... have you roasted wheatberries and made coffee from them?  What did you think?

Watch the video for instructions and information...

2/3 c wheat berries

roasted in frying pan over open fire (like coffee beans)

Roast and stir constantly until dark roasted

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