Sili-Dripper Silicone Collapsible Cone Coffee Filter Holder & Drip Brewer NO LONGER available through Amazon - Use Ozark Trail Instead

Originally posted on Coffee Talking in April, 2015 - it is no longer available today.  This is reposted for 2017 with an update that a similar version can be had from Ozark Trail.

Ozark Trail ~ Collapsible Coffee Drip/Brewer ~ Neon Green


Sili-Dripper Silicone Collapsible Cone Coffee Filter Holder & Drip Brewer below is no longer available.  But a comparible one currently available is the Ozark Trail model.

  • Collapsible cone saves space for drawer or backpack storage makes it easy to bring camping, or store at the office.
  • One simple, durable part is easily cleaned in the sink and is dishwasher safe.
  • Brew delicious, home-made, drip brew coffee without expensive equipment.
  • Easily use this single cup coffee maker while sitting beside the campfire.
  • Carabiner included to make it easy to attach to your backpack or belt loop.

One of the FYI details I found while researching is that with very hot coffee and a level surface to the mug below, it can produce a tight seal, which slows down the dripping.  Some people cut a tiny hole in the base so an air pocket cannot form between the mug and silicone brewer.  Another person mentioned they put a straw through one of the drip holes to allow air to flow and therefore the coffee to drip through.  Pour about 1/3 of your water, wait for the bloom, then slowly pour the rest through for a drip style brewed fresh cup of coffee.  The amount of cups you make is based on how much coffee grounds you put in your brew filter.  Works best with a #2 filter like these from Melitta.-

Melitta Cone Coffee Filters 40 Count #2 Natural Brown

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