The Kuissential Slick Drip Collapsible Silicone Coffee Filter Cone

Originally posted on Coffee Talking in May, 2015
Reposting for 2017.

Last week I did a couple collapsible coffee drip filters for being 'on the go' hiking, camping and what-not.  I said I had one more, then life got busy and I forgot to post it!  Sorry bout that one!  This is the Kuissential SlickDrip - Collapsible Silicone Coffee Dripper, Filter Cone but you might also know it as the Cuissential brand as apparently they used to spell their name with a C but recently had to switch to the "k" spelling.

Why do I like this one?  The size mainly.  It's going to collapse down so it won't take up much space in your pack and it's also food safe, FDA approved so you don't have to worry about strange chemicals leeching into your morning coffee.

You can use a #4 or #2 filter, but I'd opt for a #2 Natural as the 4 is just a little big and you need to position it to get it to fit just right.  A #2 will slip right in.

The strength of your brew and how big of a mug you make is up to you.  You simply use as much grounds as you wish and pour through the amount of hot water you wish.  The end result will be as strong or weak as you like - or as you get used to it, you can play with amounts of each to see what brew is your favorite.

From their own description:

  • Brew delicious flavorful coffee without an expensive, bulky machine
  • Modern silicone design will last longer than more expensive glass/porcelain coffee drippers
  • Unlike cheaper plastic coffee drippers, silicone does not absorb odors or pass on chemical taste into your brew
  • Unique collapsible design saves tons of space and makes storage a breeze...Perfect for your RV, Camping, Glamping, and Office caffeine fix
  • Easily cleaned in your dishwasher or sink

Product Description
Are you having trouble getting a delicious, flavorful brew with your counter-top coffee machine? Need something portable for your Office, RV, or outdoor adventures? Tired of having to make a whole pot of coffee when all you want is one cup? Those days are over thanks to the Cuissential SlickDrip Coffee Dripper. Simply place the SlickDrip over your mug, set the paper filter, add coffee and boiling water, and your java fix will be satisfied within minutes. Thanks to its modern, FDA food-safe silicone design, the SlickDrip lasts much longer than more expensive acrylic, glass and ceramic versions. Also, unlike cheaper plastic drippers and counter-top coffee machines, silicone does not pass any odors or flavor into your coffee. Who likes plastic coffee??? For best results use a #4 or #2 coffee filter, which will keep loose grounds out of your mug. If you want more control over your coffee's flavor, and a more affordable, collapsible, alternative to glass and ceramic drippers, welcome the SlickDrip to your home.

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