Vintage Coffee Mill Grinder - still using and still love!

Originally posted January, 2016 - Still use it  - still love it!  Worth a repost.

  One of my favorite Christmas gifts this year wasn't expensive, wasn't flashy and wasn't something I suppose most females had on their wish lists.  A vintage, hand milled, manual coffee grinder.  If you've visited It's Just the Coffee Talking in the past you might know how many times I've posted I wanted a non-electric coffee grinder.  I had one on my wish list at Amazon that was a small canister style, but I didn't really care so much what my coffee grinder looked like, so much as just wanting one.

But it's one of those things I would never buy for myself.  Luckily my husband found this one at World Market and at the time it was $19.99 I think. But I found similar ones on Amazon for less.

From their website - Product description:  Slow brew coffee connoisseurs will love our retro-chic copper coffee mill. Featuring adjustable settings, this manual burr grinder does not heat coffee beans like an electric grinder, and it's easier to clean and much less noisy. Plus, it looks great on the counter top

  • Made of metal with copper finish and wood
  • Adjustable settings
  • Base: 4.72"Sq.
There was no assembly and no 'learning curve' to use it.  I also love that it just doesn't have plastic, breakable parts like my 2 electric grinders do.  As a matter of fact, one of our electric grinders was knocked off the counter top, the plastic top/cup cracked and a piece broke off.  Not only frustrating and ugly, but this particular grinder has a 'built in safety mechanism'  (insert me rolling my eyes) that if the arrows don't match up when you place the cup on, it won't run.

Manual coffee grinders don't deal with that and are quieter to boot!

You can change the grind of the coffee from fine to coarse depending on your preferences or your machine you will be using it in.  However I did a test run when I received it, found the grind was perfect as is.

To use, you just pour the beans in the top, and crank.

This was my 'test' to see the grind of the beans.  For a personal k-cup or for the 'pour over method' (which is what I typically use) this was perfect.

Just grind the amount you want, it falls to the little pull out box below and you simply remove the box, and use your coffee!

I've been enjoying my grinder at least once or twice a week since Christmas and I love it all over again every time I use it. Fresh ground coffee beans produce a most delicious cup of hot coffee.  Whether you want a more compact grinder for camping or travel, a sturdy one for daily use or one for your emergency prep-supplies in case of power outages or disasters of some sort, I believe if you love fresh ground coffee, a manual grinder is a great item to have 'just in case'. 

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