Amazon has lowered their free shipping threshold! Now FREE SHIPPING with orders of $25

Even though I'm an Amazon affiliate and I order from Amazon fairly often, I am not a Prime member.  I've blogged about that in the past (if you are a regular reader of Just the Coffee Talking you might recall me mentioning this previously).  I absolutely will not pay $99 to become a Prime member just to get 2 day free shipping.  Amazon does offer other things besides free 2 day shipping with Prime Memberships but honestly I don't/won't use any of those 'extra' benefits so for me it's not a good fit.

I do not get 2 day shipping since I'm not a Prime member - but it's 'free' shipping for those with an order of select items with a minimum order amount.  They say 5-8 days free ship, but it's typically 10 day average.  And I have canceled two items in the past two months because on the 10th day they still had not shipped it and it was "preparing for shipping" but it was arriving too late for me to use.  Another 10 day shipping date upset me as it was an uplifting 'get well soon' gift for my brother who was having major surgery.  However, usually I don't mind waiting 8-10 days for my order to arrive because I'm not in a particular hurry.  If I was demanding 2 -day free shipping I suppose I'd cave and buy the $99 annual membership to Prime.

(If you are interested in Prime here is a tiny bit more information:  It offers fast, FREE shipping on over 50 million eligible items - and if you live in a select metro area you can even get free 2 hour shipping - crazy.  So, with Prime you choose from two-hour, same-day or 2 day delivery.  Yes, all free.)  Those 'extra' benefits I mentioned above are not important to me or my lifestyle but if you are interested in free steaming of movies and music, are a gamer, want unlimited e-books to read, etc. then it might be a good deal for you.

With FREE Two-Day Shipping and more from Amazon Prime, your shopping problems are solved. You get unlimited deliveries with no minimum order size.  When shipping to select metro areas, Prime members also get FREE Same-Day Delivery on over a million items and FREE 2-hour delivery with Prime Now on daily essentials and groceries. With FREE release-date delivery on eligible pre-order items, you can enjoy highly anticipated books, movies, and video games as soon as possible.
Your Prime membership includes instant access to thousands of movies and TV shows at no additional cost; On-demand, ad-free music streaming - featuring a growing selection of two million songs, unlimited reading on any device -with unlimited access to over a thousand books, current issue magazines, books. Unlimited listening to original audio series and Twitch Prime gets you free game content every month, exclusive discounts, plus loads more. Your Prime membership comes with free unlimited photo storage through Prime Photos, which lets you securely save as many photos as you like and see them on your phone, computer, or tablet. You can share this Prime benefit and give free photo storage to up to five family members or friends.

Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial

But I'm starting to ramble over coffee again... the point of this post is to say that the competition Walmart is giving Amazon with their 2 day free shipping without a membership must be working because I read this morning in the news that Amazon is lowering their price to qualify for free shipping.  They just lowered the free-shipping minimum to $25 from $35 for customers who aren't members of its Prime membership program.  This is the second time in three months that Amazon has lowered its free shipping threshold.

Because I use the minimum order threshold for my own personal orders I had watched it go UP from $25 to $35 and then up to $49 (which did actually effect the number of orders I was placing) and now, since February this year I've watched the competition cause them to fall back to a minimum of $35 (matching Walmart's $35 minimum) and now - it looks like they have quietly dropped it again to $25!

YIPPEE! The latest drop in minimum order cost comes after Walmart's launch of a new discount for customers who ship purchases to one of the retailer's stores, instead of to a home or elsewhere.

Since this little competition between Walmart and Amazon I have been ordering from Walmart more often.  They have a lousy search engine, numerous listings for the same items with different price points and terrible product descriptions but if you know what you want and have researched it elsewhere, you can get some great prices and free 2 day shipping.

And now I'm going to stop typing - go brew ONE MORE cup of coffee and finalize my plans and packing list for a long camping and hiking trip I'm preparing for... which is what I was supposed to be doing when I decided to type out this blog post instead. 

Have  a good morning everyone.