Awesome Art - Drawn into the dirt and grime on the back of Moscow's utility trucks

I was reading an article online and glanced down to a cool photo that at the bottom of the page.  It was one of those 'out-sourced' links they put to get you to click on another story.  Usually I don't click on them but the photo was of an angler fish drawn into the dirt on the back of a truck.  It was pretty cool so I clicked. 

Here is just a snippet - because I thought it was a cool coffee-conversation piece on Coffee Talking this morning!

"When Nikita Golubev sees a dirty white truck or van he uses it as a canvas for his drawings. With his gloved hand, he draws giant pigeons on the back of a delivery truck. A face with reptilian eyes appears on the back of a white van covered in enough dirt to make the license plate all but illegible. Surfers skim along the side of a truck.

But none of it lasts.

"Everything is washed away with the first rain," Golubev says. "It goes away and nothing remains."

His creations are preserved only in the photographs he takes and posts on Instagram, where they have acquired a following. He signs his drawings Pro Boy Nick."

Read the whole article on Fox News. 

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