Home from tent camping across the state of South Dakota! Badlands, Custer State Park, Palisades and more!

I'm home!

I didn't mention my travel plans on It's Just the Coffee Talking prior to leaving, for safety purposes.  But we are home now after two weeks of traveling!  It was a girls-trip - just me and my daughter.

I'm not sure how I want to blog about the trip yet.  I know some of our planning, packing and travel information will be helpful to my readers so I just need to figure out how to organize my thoughts.  (Blog by pre-planning, then trip?  Blog day by day?  Blog by place?  And how many photos, how much information? Links to places, items I bought or or used, etc?)  So let me rest for 1 day - take a deep breath - get caught up on 2 weeks worth of mail, cleaning, getting our household back in order and unpack...  and I'll be back!

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