My favorite wood coffee maker play set - Melissa & Doug!

Last year I did a post on two coffee maker play sets for kids (toys) I was looking at.  One of them I liked so much I ended up buying it for Christmas last year.  It was a HUGE hit.  Immediately.  The 2 year old loves to 'help' make coffee by opening our coffee brewer lid, putting the little cups in, closing the lid and pushing the button.  Then he excitedly watches the coffee brew and stream out into our cups.  When he opened this gift on Christmas he was so excited!  It was played with immediately and still is played with. 

Very durable, all wood and safe.  (And made by a very well known name if you have little ones you recognize it) - Melissa & Doug!

This is the most adorable little play coffee maker!
  • Pretend-play wooden coffee maker set
  • 2 mugs, 3 coffee pods, sugar, creamer, spoon, ice cube, and menu card included
  • Lid opens and closes and dial turns to indicate size settings
  • Sturdy, quality construction

As most of you know, Melissa & Doug have a huge plethora of imaginative play toys, sets, etc. and is a very well known and respected brand.  And again, this set is under $20.

(Note:  I also bought him the cake-mixer set as well.  He loved making 'cakes' with crushed up Ritz crackers all day!  ha ha).

These two items and various other wood toy sets by Melissa & Doug are available at local retails, online and also through Amazon.

If you enjoy visiting Just the Coffee Talking, please consider using this affiliate link if you are planning to shop for anything (seriously, anything!) at Amazon. - Amazon by Coffee Talking


#BringYourDogToWorkDay - Apparently it's Bring Your Dog to Work Day. I always try to avoid those people.

I've got two dogs and I while I like them, that's not to say I'm going to like yours.
And I'm not going to bring them to work with me on Bring Your Dog to Work Day because frankly, I respect the fact that you might not like big dogs.  Or the breed of dogs I have (Golden Retriever mix  and another rescue mix).
Or you might have allergies to them, or a fear of dogs.
I respect that.

Because I really don't want to see your dog in the office either.

Especially if you have a little yappy dog.
Or a poodle.
O really, almost any dog under 60 pounds and as tall as my thigh.
I really don't like dogs that have little bows and crap in their fur or heaven forbid are dressed in little outfits.
They are animals.  They do not want to wear clothes like humans... but try telling some people that and they can't comprehend.
I don't like little dogs unless they are that size because they are a puppy.

But to play nice at the office you have to pretend to like their damn dogs.
When they let them run up to your desk and they are beaming with doggy-pride, it's kind of like seeing your co-worker bring in their newborn for an office visit.  They expect everyone to ooo and ahhh over the baby and tell them how 'cute' it is.  Even if it's one of the ugliest newborns you've seen.  If you are like me and don't like to lie, you comment on how cute the outfit the baby is wearing, or how he has daddy's nose or maybe what a sweet little adorable hand the baby has.  (Because actually babies really do have adorable little hands and feetsies....).

And people kind of expect you to love their dogs as much as they do.

Having to play nice with office politics in the event they bring their stupid little yappy dogs into my office I would usually bend down and do a quick look and "Oh.... you brought your dog in today!"  (Avoiding lying to say it's cute if it's not).  Sometimes if it was rather cute or was a puppy I might pet it and smile and make a comment of some positive nature.  Then, mention how busy you are and that you have to get back to work!

If you absolutely can't stand the dog (or the co-worker) you can always put your hand up to your face and say "Oh no!  I have allergies. Sorry."  And smile politely.   Because really, if you have an allergy to pollen, grass, cats, dust or well, anything;  it's covered with that comment without lying.  You didn't say you have an allergy to their dog... you just said you have allergies!

And if you have a really really 'good' nose like I do, you can smell a dog 10 feet away.  Even if you don't think your dog stinks.  Even if it JUST came from the groomers.  I can smell your dog.  And I don't want that smell on my hands if I am forced by politeness to pet your dog.  Because then I smell your dog on my hands.  And I have to go wash them with scenty soap to remove it.  Yes... I really can smell your dog.  And I think your dog stinks.

(My dogs smell like dogs too.  But they are at home.  Not at the office.)


Baby Ducks Coffee - Baby 'coffee' sippy cup and "Mommy Needs Coffee" Baby Onesies! Adorable!

Designed to coordinate with mom and dad's own matching caffeinated beverage of choice, this sippy cup is a must-have accessory for the hip kiddo who's not a morning person either. While you sip on your java juice, pour some apple juice, milk, or formula for your bitty one and enjoy your morning routine together, or on-the-go!

I was thinking about the sippy cup (I posted above) this morning because I just think they are adorable.  I first saw it on Amazon a few years ago, but soon it started to show up in some of the brick and mortar retail stores as well.  When I searched for it online at Amazon this morning I saw some adorable little 'coffee' themed onesies in my search results so I decided to post them too!  SO CUTE!!

"Mommy needs coffee....."   Yes she does.  Yes.  Yes, she does.

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Coffee Challenge Accepted Printed Infant Bodysuit Baby Romper Gray 3-6 Month
Mom Needs Coffee Onesie


The second you leave our native soil, you become simply "An American!" first and foremost. And we are.

It's the late afternoon.  Late enough most work is done but I have about 30 minutes free so here I am with a cup of hot, strong, black coffee... and an open editor window in front of me.

When I logged onto my laptop I went to my homepage to check email.  On their main page was random news story headlines and being full of very 'young' writers at that site, it's usually filled with anti-President hoopla, 'we heart' Obama crap and the never ending but oh-so-important entertainment news. 

Today I saw more of the same.  And then I saw a link to "The best beaches for black women...."   and I thought;  "Really?"  How horrible.  It's wreaks of racism and segregation.  But that coupled with all the other negative, hateful and hurtful 'news' stories just makes me click away.  I left the site.  I click on a very large news source and see more negativity.  I go to Twitter and read the timelines... hatred, fighting, racism towards whites, race-baiting, false news, democrats and republicans spewing hate and loathing, faked information, meme's and just....  hatred.

Pure and simple it's just fighting between everyone.  Everyone has an opinion and everyone feels the world is entitled to it; and more importantly, that THEIR opinion on whatever the topic (race, sexuality, political views, global warming, circumcision, full time parenting, immigration, yada yada yada) is CORRECT.  IS RIGHT. AND YOU ARE A HORRIBLE F*$#ER IF YOU DON'T AGREE!!!!!


My eyes hurt after reading such hatred towards each other.

And often, as I see all the division in the United States between... well, everyone, I think of something.  A memory.

About ten years ago I traveled overseas with one of my daughter's for a school trip.

As we boarded the airplane we were a large group of people that were black, white, Asian and Mexican. Some were male, some female.  Some parents and teachers were married.  Some were single. Some of the group were die-hard liberals. Some were Republicans. Some were Independent and others just borderline Democrats.  One of the students came from a family with a bit of money that didn't struggle to raise the funds to make the trip; most were in the middle class and lower, and used fundraising, gifts and credit card debt to be there.    The group included teachers, stay at home parents, office workers, insurance agents, an accountant, an artist.  Two people in the group were vegans.

In other words, as we boarded that plane and we lifted into the sky, we were a group of individuals with different colored skin, different jobs, different passions and interests and political views.

When that plane landed in Europe, the group was one thing and one thing only to the rest of the world;  We were Americans.

People in Germany or Italy for that trip didn't know or care what we may have voted politically, whether we were a doctor or a teacher.  If you are black or white takes backseat to the fact that the rest of world views you first and foremost as united in one thing;  You are an American.

Over and over I find myself thinking this as I read the news.
As I read Facebook rants.
As I read Twitter posts.
As I see hatred flung like dog poop over the fence at each other.

And I suspect we only come back 'together' and be one if something terrible happens in our country.  Because history has shown us that we stop fussing and join together pretty well when we realize we have to work together to beat a common enemy.

If only we could break down our own self-imposed brick walls NOW and actually listen, learn, educate and communicate instead of everyone trying to shove their own views (correct or not) down the throats of everyone else.

Because the rest of the world doesn't know you as 'George' or 'Hattie' or 'A republican' or 'a vegan', 'black' or 'rich'.  The second you leave our native soil, you become simply  "An American!"  first and foremost.
And we are.

.....  it's just the coffee talking again.


AlphaMind Vitamin Charged Coffee in Traditional Ground Coffee Form (not k-cup pods)

Previously I posted about the new fad in coffee health;  adding vitamins to coffee.  This isn't a fad I've jumped into, but I'm seeing it around the internet and of course I'm always interested in any kind of coffee talk so it's obvious I would look into this.   I ended up posting about VitaCup because as of the time of this website entry, it was the most popular and highest rated vitamin charged coffee on Amazon and it was available in k-cup style pods, which so many people today use.   But in my search I took note of another brand;  AlphaMind, and this caught my attention because they said "the best dark roast coffee with added vitamins and minerals".  If you know anything about me or my CoffeeTalking site, it's that I adore (heart, love) DARK roast coffee.   

AlphaMind Vitamin Coffee Guatemalan - The Best Dark Roast Coffee With Added Vitamins and Minerals

About the product
  • 12 ounces of smooth and excellent tasting coffee brewed from the finest beans
  • Packed with extra vitamins and minerals to aid in focus, memory, and cognitive benefits to help you tackle the day!
  • Charged up with B-vitamins to give you clean energy and drive for any activity
  • Great for replenishing electrolytes in active individuals, gym-goers, or any busy individual
  • The most delicious and complete nutrition packed coffee that you cannot afford to go about your day without!

They offer 6 different blends as of this morning's post, although they must be rather new to the market as they didn't have any ratings yet.  As "hot" as the new vitamin infused coffee's are, I don't doubt they'll have some reviews and ratings on Amazon very soon.

Costa Rican
French Vanilla

I haven't checked them out personally yet so I don't know if their claim to be the 'best' dark roast coffee with added vitamins is true or not.  Perhaps if you try it and have an opinion you can let me know either here or on twitter.

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AlphaMind Vitamin Coffee Guatemalan - The Best Dark Roast Coffee With Added Vitamins and Minerals

Getting rave reviews - Vitamin infused coffee! VitaCup Coffee (available through Amazon too)

<a target="_blank" href="https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B071NGN7HQ/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=B071NGN7HQ&linkCode=as2&tag=justthecoffee-20&linkId=2073c04404fba970deb8567f9d25a7b8">VitaCup French Roast Flavor Coffee K-Cups With Essential Daily Vitamins B12, B9, B6, B5, B1, D3 Infused in Single Serve Keurig Compatible Pods, 16 ct.</a><img src="//ir-na.amazon-adsystem.com/e/ir?t=justthecoffee-20&l=am2&o=1&a=B071NGN7HQ" width="1" height="1" border="0" alt="" style="border:none !important; margin:0px !important;" />
VitaCup French Roast Flavor Coffee K-Cups With Essential Daily Vitamins B12, B9, B6, B5, B1, D3
In 2016 I started to notice a trend in coffee... a 'fad' might be a better description actually.  Companies started to like adding 'things' to their coffee.

Remember when everyone was adding a dollop of butter to their coffee for the health benefits?  Then in spring of 2017 it was coconut oil.  Now, the next big thing (which as been around awhile... but it's just catching on big right now) is vitamins.

I started to see vitamin infused coffee k-cup style pods being talked about on the net so I went over to Amazon to see if they were available.  There are a few brands currently on the market but I decided to read more about the VitaCup brand because their reviews and ratings were very, very good.  They were almost consistently getting 5 out of 5 stars.
About the product (from their product listing)
  • A BREW FOR A BETTER YOU: Stop feeling sluggish, emotional, forgetful, sick, and irritable with an instant boost from our vitamin-infused coffee to start your day without sacrificing taste.
  • ALL DAY HEALTH BENEFITS: Signature vitamin blend contains b1 (thiamine), b5, b6, b9 (folic acid), b12, d3, & antioxidants to boost your immune function, increase productivity, support your metabolism, and feel sharper throughout the day.
  • KEURIG COMPATIBLE: With most Keurig® (including "2.0"), Mr. Coffee, iCoffee, Hamilton Beach, and most K Cup® brewers.
  • HEALTHY YOU, HEALTHY PLANET: 100% fully recyclable bpa-free plastic, grinds are great for your garden, biodegradable mesh filter, and no dairy, gluten, or gmos.
  • RECLAIM YOUR MORNINGS, GUARANTEED: Love It or Your Money Back. VitaCup slowly roasts certified Fair Trade Honduran and Colombian beans and adds French Roast PLUS our signature vitamin blend. The full aroma and smooth flavors feel luxurious but there are zero calories in your VitaCup.

For those who want to use their own brand of coffee or their own k-cups or even ground coffee in your own coffee pot, they also offer little energy powder packets.  These come in flavored but also FLAVORLESS (which I love they offer this because I don't like flavored coffee).  The reviews are again, overwhelmingly positive.

Give Your Coffee a HEALTH Kick - VitaPerk Energy Value Pack (37 stickpacks), Original (Flavorless)

About the product
  • Healthy Energy Boost for Coffee
  • A total of 15 Vitamins and Minerals, including Extra Vitamins B6, B12 and guarana
  • Supports energy, memory, heart health and nutrition
  • Only 5 calories per package
  • Gluten-free
The reviewers like that the powder is very fine, it doesn't clump up like other brands and they notice an increase in energy without getting caffeine shakes.

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VitaCup French Vanilla Flavor Coffee K-Cups With Essential Daily Vitamins B12, B9, B6, B5, B1, D3 Infused in Single Serve Keurig Compatible Pods, 16 ct.
VitaCup Matcha Green Tea K-Cups With Essential Vitamins B12, B9, B6, B5, B1, D3 Infused with Moringa in Single Serve Keurig Compatible Pods, 16 ct.
Give Your Coffee a HEALTH Kick - VitaPerk Energy Value Pack (37 stickpacks), Original (Flavorless), Add HEALTHY ENERGY & Vitamins to Starbucks, Green Mountain, Dunkin Donuts or your favorite coffee