Baby Ducks Coffee - Baby 'coffee' sippy cup and "Mommy Needs Coffee" Baby Onesies! Adorable!

Designed to coordinate with mom and dad's own matching caffeinated beverage of choice, this sippy cup is a must-have accessory for the hip kiddo who's not a morning person either. While you sip on your java juice, pour some apple juice, milk, or formula for your bitty one and enjoy your morning routine together, or on-the-go!

I was thinking about the sippy cup (I posted above) this morning because I just think they are adorable.  I first saw it on Amazon a few years ago, but soon it started to show up in some of the brick and mortar retail stores as well.  When I searched for it online at Amazon this morning I saw some adorable little 'coffee' themed onesies in my search results so I decided to post them too!  SO CUTE!!

"Mommy needs coffee....."   Yes she does.  Yes.  Yes, she does.

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