#BringYourDogToWorkDay - Apparently it's Bring Your Dog to Work Day. I always try to avoid those people.

I've got two dogs and I while I like them, that's not to say I'm going to like yours.
And I'm not going to bring them to work with me on Bring Your Dog to Work Day because frankly, I respect the fact that you might not like big dogs.  Or the breed of dogs I have (Golden Retriever mix  and another rescue mix).
Or you might have allergies to them, or a fear of dogs.
I respect that.

Because I really don't want to see your dog in the office either.

Especially if you have a little yappy dog.
Or a poodle.
O really, almost any dog under 60 pounds and as tall as my thigh.
I really don't like dogs that have little bows and crap in their fur or heaven forbid are dressed in little outfits.
They are animals.  They do not want to wear clothes like humans... but try telling some people that and they can't comprehend.
I don't like little dogs unless they are that size because they are a puppy.

But to play nice at the office you have to pretend to like their damn dogs.
When they let them run up to your desk and they are beaming with doggy-pride, it's kind of like seeing your co-worker bring in their newborn for an office visit.  They expect everyone to ooo and ahhh over the baby and tell them how 'cute' it is.  Even if it's one of the ugliest newborns you've seen.  If you are like me and don't like to lie, you comment on how cute the outfit the baby is wearing, or how he has daddy's nose or maybe what a sweet little adorable hand the baby has.  (Because actually babies really do have adorable little hands and feetsies....).

And people kind of expect you to love their dogs as much as they do.

Having to play nice with office politics in the event they bring their stupid little yappy dogs into my office I would usually bend down and do a quick look and "Oh.... you brought your dog in today!"  (Avoiding lying to say it's cute if it's not).  Sometimes if it was rather cute or was a puppy I might pet it and smile and make a comment of some positive nature.  Then, mention how busy you are and that you have to get back to work!

If you absolutely can't stand the dog (or the co-worker) you can always put your hand up to your face and say "Oh no!  I have allergies. Sorry."  And smile politely.   Because really, if you have an allergy to pollen, grass, cats, dust or well, anything;  it's covered with that comment without lying.  You didn't say you have an allergy to their dog... you just said you have allergies!

And if you have a really really 'good' nose like I do, you can smell a dog 10 feet away.  Even if you don't think your dog stinks.  Even if it JUST came from the groomers.  I can smell your dog.  And I don't want that smell on my hands if I am forced by politeness to pet your dog.  Because then I smell your dog on my hands.  And I have to go wash them with scenty soap to remove it.  Yes... I really can smell your dog.  And I think your dog stinks.

(My dogs smell like dogs too.  But they are at home.  Not at the office.)