SNAP MAP - nothing good in this one. Downloaded the latest Snapchat update? (Man I HATE those) - You may be telling everyone where you are.

A feature released with the latest update to the popular Snapchat App may put you and your family at risk.  How?

The latest update contains a new feature called Snap Map. This feature shares the location of the user with other Snapchat users by indicating their location on a map.

The media is telling people the danger is that unknowing users, especially children and teens, may accidentally share their location with strangers who would use the information for nefarious purposes, such as stalking, bullying or burglary.

Yeah, that's true.  But let's go a step further, shall we?

Battered women hiding from abusive ex-boyfriends and husbands.
Women and children in hiding due to sexual abuse by someone.
Teenagers also trying to avoid abusive boyfriends/girlfriends.

Even if that person doesn't have you listed in their snapchat contacts personally because you've not allowed it or blocked them, you still may have people in common.  Friends, relatives or even just an acquaintance you've added through quick add and you didn't realize they could give your information to the abuser.

But here is the big red flag for me personally:

Snapchat now screams out to everyone:  "Hey!  I'm on vacation in California right now!  Come rob my house!"

I'm not really.  But you get the idea.

Many people don't check their settings or they don't know how.   You may think you are not sharing personal information or location but you are: a blinking read beacon.

Review the privacy and security settings to make sure you are only sharing information you wish to share.