The second you leave our native soil, you become simply "An American!" first and foremost. And we are.

It's the late afternoon.  Late enough most work is done but I have about 30 minutes free so here I am with a cup of hot, strong, black coffee... and an open editor window in front of me.

When I logged onto my laptop I went to my homepage to check email.  On their main page was random news story headlines and being full of very 'young' writers at that site, it's usually filled with anti-President hoopla, 'we heart' Obama crap and the never ending but oh-so-important entertainment news. 

Today I saw more of the same.  And then I saw a link to "The best beaches for black women...."   and I thought;  "Really?"  How horrible.  It's wreaks of racism and segregation.  But that coupled with all the other negative, hateful and hurtful 'news' stories just makes me click away.  I left the site.  I click on a very large news source and see more negativity.  I go to Twitter and read the timelines... hatred, fighting, racism towards whites, race-baiting, false news, democrats and republicans spewing hate and loathing, faked information, meme's and just....  hatred.

Pure and simple it's just fighting between everyone.  Everyone has an opinion and everyone feels the world is entitled to it; and more importantly, that THEIR opinion on whatever the topic (race, sexuality, political views, global warming, circumcision, full time parenting, immigration, yada yada yada) is CORRECT.  IS RIGHT. AND YOU ARE A HORRIBLE F*$#ER IF YOU DON'T AGREE!!!!!


My eyes hurt after reading such hatred towards each other.

And often, as I see all the division in the United States between... well, everyone, I think of something.  A memory.

About ten years ago I traveled overseas with one of my daughter's for a school trip.

As we boarded the airplane we were a large group of people that were black, white, Asian and Mexican. Some were male, some female.  Some parents and teachers were married.  Some were single. Some of the group were die-hard liberals. Some were Republicans. Some were Independent and others just borderline Democrats.  One of the students came from a family with a bit of money that didn't struggle to raise the funds to make the trip; most were in the middle class and lower, and used fundraising, gifts and credit card debt to be there.    The group included teachers, stay at home parents, office workers, insurance agents, an accountant, an artist.  Two people in the group were vegans.

In other words, as we boarded that plane and we lifted into the sky, we were a group of individuals with different colored skin, different jobs, different passions and interests and political views.

When that plane landed in Europe, the group was one thing and one thing only to the rest of the world;  We were Americans.

People in Germany or Italy for that trip didn't know or care what we may have voted politically, whether we were a doctor or a teacher.  If you are black or white takes backseat to the fact that the rest of world views you first and foremost as united in one thing;  You are an American.

Over and over I find myself thinking this as I read the news.
As I read Facebook rants.
As I read Twitter posts.
As I see hatred flung like dog poop over the fence at each other.

And I suspect we only come back 'together' and be one if something terrible happens in our country.  Because history has shown us that we stop fussing and join together pretty well when we realize we have to work together to beat a common enemy.

If only we could break down our own self-imposed brick walls NOW and actually listen, learn, educate and communicate instead of everyone trying to shove their own views (correct or not) down the throats of everyone else.

Because the rest of the world doesn't know you as 'George' or 'Hattie' or 'A republican' or 'a vegan', 'black' or 'rich'.  The second you leave our native soil, you become simply  "An American!"  first and foremost.
And we are.

.....  it's just the coffee talking again.