Drinking Jenga! Walmart's Search and their Product Descriptions are a Chaotic MESS (a drinking game for babies!!??)

As I'm 'trapped' at the house today waiting on a tree removal quote, a Terminix appointment and a roofing email, I am finishing up some last minute tasks before we have out of state guests coming next weekend.  As I posted about this morning (below) I have been looking online for various games that might be fun.

Because we are all adults over 21 and there are no kiddos expected I was venturing into some drinking themed games.  There are a bazillion different versions of 'drinking games' available and many of which combine the fun of Jenga with alcohol.  On each block is written a 'task' or 'instruction' to drink or make others take a drink.

While I was looking at some on Amazon, I was also looking on Walmart because although their search engine is slow, freezes up, returns horrible items that in no way resemble the word(s) I was searching for;  IF I can find the item I actually wanted, and wade through 30 versions of the exact same thing to find the best price; I can get a good deal and with their free 2 day shipping, it would arrive in time.

So I'm checking out one of the many versions of 'drinking Jenga' and as I read the description I'm surprised to see that apparently this game is perfect for the 12-24 month age group.

Did ya get that?  A drinking game for toddlers. 

Oh Walmart... you never fail to entertain me with your entirely screwed up descriptions.  Apparently editing isn't important.

Here is the Wrecked drinking game that not only is perfect for bachelorette and bachelor parties as well as 21st birthdays but it's GREAT for Toddlers in the 12-24 month age group!  (if they happen to fix this after I've posted you may not see it, but don't worry, I've screenshot it! 

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