More comments on the news.... it's just the coffee talking again.

This afternoon I took a break and started to skim some of the news.  I saw the headline: Georgia mom left child at home to go clubbing

These kinds of news headlines always make me stop and think; but not always read them.  Because... when I read a parent has left children at home to go clubbing I'm thinking this:

She was gone just one night 'out' dancing?
How old were the children?  Were they toddlers and babies?

A Marietta mother was arrested after an apparent night of “clubbing” ended very badly. Police said the mother's absence prompted her 11-year-old daughter to seek a meal from a neighbor. That is when police said they discovered the place where the child lived was in a deplorable condition.

Eleven?  The 'child' is 11 years old.  Hmmm.  That is hardly a baby or toddler who can't fend for themselves for one night while the mother is out.  As a matter of fact, many kids are babysitting for other families at the age of 11.  I started babysitting for a family with a 9 month old baby when I was 10 years old.

And the charge apparently is up to felony status.

.....remained behind bars Friday evening on a charge of felony child cruelty in the second degree.

The arrest warrant states last Saturday evening, Oats’ daughter went to a neighbor’s apartment because she said she was hungry.

I was questioning why an 11 year old girl wasn't old enough to get herself something to eat.  My oldest daughter was 8 years old when she first starting baking homemade cakes - from scratch, not from a mix - by herself.  My son was able to fry an egg, work the microwave, get himself food at that age and he was learning to bake cookies at 9.  My youngest daughter, even as the 'baby' of the family and always having people do things for her, could make simple dishes by the age of 8 or 9 - like macaroni and cheese, eggs, etc.

So how does an 11 year old not know how to get herself food for just one meal?  There must be more to this....

“They found the conditions in a word I can only say deplorable, between roaches and other insects, mold and fungus, no food inside the residence, animal feces,” said Officer McPhilamy.

Ahhh.  So perhaps that why this turned into a larger issue?  Perhaps there was no food in the house?

The arrest warrant also states her mother was out “clubbing” and had not returned home by the time police got there around 3 a.m.

This part, I disagree with.  Again, at what age can a child stay by themselves while a parent goes out?  It is all relative I suppose, to the maturity of the child.  Perhaps this child was immature and not able to stay alone?  I was a very intelligent, mature & capable child.  I've raised my own kids to be that way.  Also, we have a clean home, full cupboards and refrigerator of food and well, truth be told I have never in my life gone out 'clubbing' (LOL) and I can count on one hand how many times my husband and I went 'out' while the children were under the age of 14 - and always with a babysitter.  


Fish attack at Minnesota lake leaves girl, 11, with deep lacerations to her foot, leg

This story brought flashbacks to me of my childhood.  No... I have never been attacked by a large fish but growing up in the heartland of America we often camped or rented cabins in Minnesota for family vacations and we spent a lot of time fishing.  Every large lake in Minnesota has the 'big' fish that everyone knows about.  Typically the catfish are the stars of the lake, river or dam as they are well known to reach the same length as an adult - yes; 5-6 feet.  

When I read the news story above I instantly remembered being approximately 11 years old and my family had rented a small cabin on a large lake in Minnesota.  I had befriended a family renting the cabin next door who had a daughter who was 14.  She and I went out on a small boat by ourselves and knowing the big catfish "Walter" had quite the reputation, I was just sure he was going to come up under our boat and topple it and then attempt to eat me.

Apparently the fish in the news story is most likely a Pike.  Incredibly sharp teeth and strong jaws!  While catfish grow large, fat and sluggish in the mud, pike are strong, fast and lean.  A force to be reckoned with.