Six Must Have Summer Games! (Including Cat Pile, Giant Checkers and Giant Jenga!)

Summer time is in full swing and we are in full 'preparation mode' to host a group out of town guests from a couple different states to our home in about a week.  This morning I was sipping coffee and thinking about the entertainment portion of the weekend and thinking I needed to get the 'Bags' game out (some parts of the USA call it 'cornhole') and that got me thinking that maybe I should buy a new one as ours is an NFL version and more for playing more 'indoors' - not quite as large or full sized as the outdoor versions.

From there I started to think about the giant yard sized Jenga and in researching prices online to order it, I found a few other games I had no idea existed but I am SO tempted to order!!!

The first one is called CAT PILE and the more I looked at it - the more determined I am that I need to buy it.  The problem is that it's a bit pricey.  For about $20 you get just 6 tiny playing pieces and in order to really have fun with it I think you would need to buy more 'parts' which also sell for about $20 each.



COMMA Wooden Cat Pile - Set 5 (Purple Threaded Pouch, 6 Kittens)http://amzn.to/2tIspS0

The game, developed by Comma is basically a reversed version of Jenga.  You stack the cats as high as you can without the 'cat pile' falling. There are 6 cats in a set/pouch and each cat is about 1" x 1" x 1/4".

They sell five different sets and you can distinguish them by the colors used for the sewing line on the cardboard pouch.  (They come in pink, blue, green, orange and purple on packing bag for your identification but all the cats are natural wood colored and made of teak.)

COMMA was founded in 2011 and is based in Taiwan. "Our grandfather is an sculptor and the long-established shop today is more than 80 years. We still remember the time we stayed around him and still the recalls of the flavor of wood is clearly. We would like to extend the joy by create interesting product and hope to share our concept, simple but rich to daily life, to the one whom also enjoy their every moment."


Giant Jenga

About two or three years ago 'giant' and 'jumbo' Jenga became quite popular -especially at outdoor weddings, receptions and events.  I found when I was looking them up for a family wedding reception two years ago, the descriptions and photos are deceiving so you have to really read the small print.  "giant" and "jumbo" are sometimes used interchangeably but if you are like me, you were thinking 'yard sized' and not the two foot table sized.

Jenga GIANT Premium Hardwood Game

  • The biggest authentic hardwood Jenga® game ever sold! Can stack to over 5 feet high in play!
  • Now it's a SPORT! Fun to Play! Exciting to Watch!
  • Includes Heavy Duty Jenga® GIANT Carry Bag for easy storage and transport
  • 54 precision-crafted polished hardwood blocks, each one nearly 15 times the volume of a Classic Jenga® block
  • For 1 or more players, ages 12 to adult

I also found numerous other brands available that are similar to the original Jenga.  However if we had time, I'd just have my husband and I made our own huge 'jumbo' sized game out of 2X6 wood boards as it's easy to do (the whole thing can be done in about 2 hours - including the sanding) and instructions are easy to find by a simple search on the internet.

If you already own one of the versions of Jenga and want to make it a little more fun for the drinking crowds, you can find DIY labels online to write instructions on each piece so as the game is played, you have to do whatever the block says as it's pulled.  


While I like the idea of this - I have reservations because it's inflatable.  This means if it's a windy day or you don't have a level playing field, it may be hard to set them up.  On the other hand - for INDOORS this might be fun.  The 'pins' are about 2 feet tall but because you blow them up, they won't hurt children if they topple over.  

  • Inflatable bowling set includes six oversized pins and one giant bowling ball in classic white, red, and black
  • Easy to inflate and play anywhere; Ideal for birthday parties, reunions, parks, the beach, or for simple backyard family fun
  • Pins are approximately 29 inches tall with cardboard bottoms for added stability; Ball comes with a polyester cover; Completely waterproof
  • Encourages physical active play for all ages; Helps improve hand-eye coordination all while having incredible fun
  • Use your imagination to create your own kicking and throwing games


MegaChess Giant Chess Set and Giant Chess Mat - Black and White

I am not a chess player - which surprises a lot of people who know me.  It's just never been a thing I've been interested in - not even when I saw these giant sized game pieces years ago at a hotel we were staying at for vacation!  They were awesome cool and fun and I took photos, but I still had no interest in learning to play.  I will however play "checkers" with them!  Ha.  Although I will post an actual giant sized checkers game below this one for those of us who are chess-illiterate.

  • (32) Chess Pieces - 25 inch King; (1) Giant Chess Mat - 9 x 9 feet(L x W); (4) Metal Stakes
  • Most popular size of all; Made of High-Density Plastic; UV protected; Waterproof
  • Heavy-Duty Nylon Chess Mat; 13-inch squares(L x W); 9 x 9 feet(L x W) when in use
  • Metal grommets at each corner for use with metal stakes to secure mat to the ground
  • Perfect for playing at the park, beach, campground or anywhere friends or family gather


This Giant Chess Set includes:
  • (2) Kings - 25 inches tall
  • (2) Queens - 23 inches tall
  • (4) Bishops - 21.25 inches tall
  • (4) Knights - 18 inches tall
  • (4) Rooks - 16.5 inches tall
  • (16) Pawns - 16 inches tall
  • (1) Giant Chess Mat - 9 x 9 feet (L x W)
  • (4) Metal Stakes


MegaChess Giant Checkers Set and Giant Checkers Mat - 10 inch 

I learned to play Checkers when I was about 3 years old.  I remember making everyone crazy because I wanted to play all. the. time.  I have a memory of making a very patient babysitter play with me literally all evening until it was time for bed.  I just couldn't get enough of it and over the next fifteen years I played it often.  As an adult I only played when we were teaching our kids the game, but admittedly I haven't played it now in years.  Perhaps a 'giant' sized game with 10" game pieces would bring a whole new experience to playing the game again!

  • (24)Giant Checkers Pieces - 10-inch diameter; (6) Plastic Rods; (1) Giant Checkers Mat
  • Most popular size of all; Made of High-Density Plastic; UV protected; Waterproof
  • Includes Nylon Giant Checkers Mat - 13-inch squares; 9 x 9 feet(L x W) when in use
  • Metal grommets at each corner to anchor mat with supplied metal stakes
  • Giant Chess Board is sold separately

While researching this one I found the above description confusing because although it states the 'chess board' is sold separately, it DOES in fact come with the board in 'mat' form.  I'm not sure what they mean other than perhaps if you want a sturdy 'board' you have to buy it separate as this comes with a mat.



This is another game from my childhood (the normal small size) that is such a huge memory!  My brothers and I learned this game by the time we were 3 years old and we played it for years without tiring.  As a matter of fact my parents had to buy new canisters at least once every year or two as they were used, loved and played with hard.  We also 'built' things with them and got creative with them so we weren't just playing pick up sticks with them.  This giant version I have played once; at a wedding reception.  Just like the little original version but with a giant twist.

  • Set included 25 jumbo colorful pine wood pick-up sticks
  • 2 or more players
  • Designed by Kikkerland Design Team
  • Perfect for outdoor, picnic, or lawn play
  • Sticks measure 32 by Dia. .5-inches