Amazon introduces a new "INSTANT" delivery system: "Instant Pickup" points around 5 college campus for impulse orders

     Amazon.com Inc is rolling out pickup points in a few selected spots in the US where shoppers pick up their items immediately after ordering them.

As of today, five college campuses in Los Angeles, Atlanta, Columbus, Ohio, Berkeley and College Park, Maryland are offering this college student centered service for now, with plans to open more sites by the end of the year, including Chicago's Lincoln Park neighborhood.

How does it work?  Shoppers on Amazon's mobile app choose from several hundred items such as snacks, drinks, phone chargers and other items Amazon considers fast-selling impulse buys. Amazon employees in a back room then load orders into lockers within two minutes, and customers receive bar codes to access them.

Previously, shopers with their Prime Now program could get their order within 15 minutes but Instant Pickup beats even their own fast ship.  Also - interesting enough, Amazon said their prices may be cheaper through the instant pick up app than those on Amazon.com right now but they declined to detail how the items are priced.

Source: Reuters

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