I did a search on Google and only got ONE RESULT - that's never happened to me before

Just rambling over afternoon coffee....

I suppose if I was 'trying' to find random phrases or words that got one or zero search results I could find one but I wasn't trying to do anything.  I was reading a book and as I usually do, if a word, phrase or topic interests me I do a search for something about it on the internet.  Sometimes this opens a Pandora's box and leads to a week long study of a topic (complete with hand written notes in notebooks, finding documentaries on it, etc.) other times it's just a fleeting "ahhh" moment of wanting to dig a little deeper.

This was one of those quick internet checks when a phrase I read in a book caught my attention and I liked the sound of it.

"through the eyes of Dionysus"

It apparently only has one result.  (Or at least it did at the time of this posting as I re-ran the search twice before posting this and got the same single search return.)

That's just never randomly happened before.  Normally I get about 1,300,638,464 for every search I do.  LOL.