"The Village Coffee House" Good Coffee That You'll Probably Never Have.... You can't find it anywhere!

Today I was shopping for a gift for a 3 year old and popped into Marshalls and TJMaxx to look for the "Melissa and Doug" wooden toy set I was searching (and searching for... but in vain.)  As I usually do when I'm in those stores, I buzzed down the clearance aisles quickly to see if anything caught my eye.  And it did.  COFFEE.  More to the point:  DARK ROAST COFFEE.

I picked up and checked the count; 18 k-cup style pods for....  ah, a red clearance sticker.  I love those!  And loved the price whole bunches!  Down to $3.   I scanned the shelves and didn't see any more Dark Roast of this brand so I figured what the heck, I'll give it a go.  I haven't reviewed a new coffee on CoffeeTalking for awhile.

This afternoon I opened the box, put the k-cups in my pod storage and after reading the name of the coffee again so I could look it up online, threw the box away.  I then brewed a cup of coffee and went into the office to sip and research.

Well... I sipped.  But that research part did not come easy!

My initial searches returned a few actual coffee shops with the name "The Village Coffee House" but after clicking on each of those, none of them distributed their own coffee for single cup brewers  nor had the label or box I was looking for.

Searching deeper I found a couple people that over the past 2 years had posted they had tried the coffee (also buying it at TJMaxx) and had never been able to find it since.  Amazon didn't have it, google wasn't finding it, Yelp wasn't any help... boy was I striking out.  I didn't foresee that.

I went back to the kitchen and dug the box out of the trash!

There was a company listed;  Life Plus Style Gourmet LLC and it gave a website lpsgourmet - but alas, the website is non-functioning with a generic 'coming soon' posted that looks to have been that way for quite some time.  That was no help.  So I dug for the company itself but that led to a parent company but when I checked LPSGourmet's products they didn't list coffee at all, but they do have kettle corn if you are interested in that.

Digging a little more I found a Facebook page (well, a couple of them but only one looks to be active) so I read reviews and wait... how can there be so many negative reviews?  It was pretty good coffee and I know good coffee!  Then I figured it out;  the people commenting on the coffee weren't commenting on The Village Coffee House brand but a bunch of other brands this company must also distribute.  However when I looked at the products in their header, once again I didn't find 'my' coffee.

I clicked on the ABOUT page only to see yet a different url website connected it to this time.  My gracious!  What a goose chase!  This is the 5th or 6th DIFFERENT website for this product and when I get there, the product is never listed as even existing, much less available.

Sure enough... the page goes a completely BLANK, plain white page.  I refreshed twice to verify and nope, it's not a working page either.  Back to that facebook page I went.  The contact email listed didn't look like it was going to be a 'hit' either.  It was a asian name with a couple random numbers and was a GMAIL dot com addy.  Not a company email.

In the end I hate to tell you this because there is little you can do about it - but the coffee is pretty good.  At least the DARK ROAST version in the purplish/pink bordered pod cups are.  It's not bitter, but a nice smooth dark roast with no one special flavor that stands out more than anything else.  If I had to concentrate and come up with something I'd say maybe a smokey chocolate; but don't read too much into that because I hate chocolate in almost every form and yet I love this coffee.

If you live in TJMaxx and you want to search their aisles to see if they have any left, I'd say it's worth a trip; especially if you find a box for 3 bucks like I did.  However if you don't find it, the only other place I found any coffee of this brand was ONE package on ebay; but it wasn't the k-cup style, it was the ground beans style and I can't speak to that because I've never tried it.

I guess The Village Coffee House k-cups are a good coffee that you'll probably never get to have.  I'm sorry.


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