Just a small vent: I shouldn't have to pay to protect my credit information! It's like information BLACKMAIL.

I jumped on computer to quickly check a couple email accounts before heading off to my next 'to do' on the list.  With all the hacks going on lately with Equifax and everyone else, it now seems like everyone wants to offer "credit watch" reporting and "identity protection"... for a price.  Yearly or monthly - but they all want to offer to protect my credit information for me.

The latest just now was an offer from Windstream - the internet company - who wants to offer me Windstream Shield to monitor my information with packages starting at $8.99 a month.

As I am known for talking out loud to my computer, I did.  I said;  "I SHOULD NOT HAVE TO PAY TO HAVE MY CREDIT INFORMATION PROTECTED OR MONITORED!"

It's bad enough credit companies even started to exist; gathering so much information on people in one place - some of which is wrong - and for years they've made you fight tooth and nail, wasting time and money to fight them to get their information CORRECT.  Now it's not only a fight but I have to PAY THEM to PROTECT my OWN personal information that I DON'T EVEN WANT THEM TO HAVE IN THE FIRST PLACE.

Think about that!

They take (steal, borrow, use, gather, buy, trade, collect) all this information on me from my name, address, birthday, social security number, telephone number and cell phone number to my email addresses, my income, my work history, banking history, my bank account numbers, credit card numbers, my mortgage loan information and account numbers, etc. etc. the list goes on! 

Things I don't WANT them to know or have in the first place.  Things I did not OFFER to share with them. 

But I get NO SAY in the matter.

And then they don't or can't even keep my personal information safe.

And to add salt to the wound, they and every other company want ME to pay $10-15 a MONTH to have them monitor my own information they stole from me?

It's like blackmail.

You steal something of mine and then make me pay you to protect it?


It's just the coffee talking again....  but dang. 
Rant over.