Shock Coffee Premium Hyper-Caffeinated Ground Coffee Frac Packs - As Featured on the Today Show

This post is coming to you thanks to a gnat, a baby and traveling.

I am traveling.  Staying at someone's home. There isn't a guest room but I'm bunking on an air mattress in the same room as the baby.  And the first night here, I was suddenly awakened by something 'shifting' in my ear... ?  I flipped to the other side and laid my head back down.  My ear was against the pillow and I felt it again. A shift upwards in my ear.  OMFGosh there is something in my ear!

Well, long story made short, I was positive it was a spider (because in my brain, a brown recluse spider was the obvious first choice of something awful crawling into my ear while I was sleeping) but no, it was a gnat.  A big gnat; but a gnat none-the-less. And I was rescued by waking the homeowner to use a tweezers to pull the 'something' out of my ear...

Needless to say I didn't sleep the rest of the night.  In part due to an ear ache I now had but also thanks to my own over-active brain positive something else must still be in my ear and I was sure there was a line of 'somethings' crawling up the wall, over the pillow, over my hair and into my ear... I just knew it. 

So I did not sleep.

Hence; my drinking a gazillion cups of coffee to stay awake yesterday... and the need for some heavily caffeinated brews!

Amazon tells me this is one of the 3 top brands that claim to be the strongest coffees.

Shock Coffee Premium Hyper-Caffeinated Ground Coffee Frac Packs 2.65oz 

(Pack of 6 - 1 lb Total) - 50% More Caffeine Than Leading Brands Without Sacrificing Taste - As Featured on the Today Show 

  • Shock Coffee Hyper-Caffeinated (High Caffeine, High Energy) Ground Coffee--Sleep is Overrated
  • As Featured on: The Today Show, ABC Nightline, CNBC, Food Network, and more!
  • Energy Blend: 50% More Caffeine than Leading Brands without Skimping on Taste
  • Package Contents: 6 Bags of 2.65oz "Frac" Packs Pre-Ground Coffee (1lb Total)
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. No Hassle Returns If You Don't Fall in Love.


Product description from the company via Amazon

Shock Coffee is the producer of the world's finest energy blend coffees and coffee drinks. Our coffee comes in whole bean or ground and is exclusively available in a high caffeine energy blend. We don't add any caffeine to our coffee and we select coffee beans for their taste and caffeine content. At Shock Coffee, we firmly believe that Sleep is Overrated and one sip of our coffee will make you a believer, too. Shock Coffee will add hours to your day and make you more productive without the jitters. Many other high caffeine options out there haven't been able to perfect the taste to caffeine ratio, so you're left feeling unsatisfied.

That has been our priority since day one and our loyal fans and the media have agreed by helping to make Shock Coffee the #1 energy coffee of the US Military and one of the world's top selling energy blends since '06. Since Shock Coffee's launch, many coffee connoisseurs have dubbed it The World's Strongest Coffee. In fact, in recent testing against Starbucks, Dunkin' Donuts, and Death Wish Coffee, our blend's caffeine to flavor ratio stood out time and again.

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