Update to the TSA Airline Rules Post from Just Two Days Ago...

This morning I flew again and an tiny update to my post just two days ago is in order.

Two weeks ago and again last week I not only was taking off my jacket and shoes to 'bin' them, as well as my scarf, my purse; yada yada...  As I was getting out my laptop I also had to dig out my eReader for the first time ever as they had posted signage everywhere and were warning travelers that any electronic larger than a cell phone had to be removed from luggage and placed in a bin by itself.  

In addition to that, they also had signs and were verbally asking about any food products - even ever so tiny - had to removed from your bags and bins.  Those hard candies?  Yep.  That little baggy of trailmix?  That too.  And that smashed granola bar in the front pocket of your bag?  Spill it, sister! 

So this morning as I prepared for my flight I was ready!  I had packed, unpacked and repacked so I was utilizing every inch of space but also making it easy to get through TSA security fast... laptop and cords packed separately, eReader easy to grab, protein bar ready to go in front pocket, no other liquids or foods and of course clean socks, purse over puffy outer vest for quick removal and nothing in pockets.  Whew.

I was ready! 

And... the signs were gone.

I didn't have to take out my eReader or tablet.  Only the laptop like usual.
And they didn't care about candy, trailmix or granola bars today either.

Well, hmph.  Oh well. 

So just a heads up.  Doesn't matter how often you fly; check the latest rules and regulations.  They change often!  What was ok or not ok last week may not be this week.