A list of national companies that are "naughty" and "nice" when it comes to having the balls to say CHRISTMAS

Companies not only want your money, they count on your money.  Black Friday started as a way for companies to get 'out of the red' and 'into the black' by offering great sales to entice you to buy them.  They know Christmas gift giving is the bread and butter of their company but something sickening and scary has happened in the past ten years or so and it's getting worse....  companies want you to Christmas shop with them and spend as much money as you can but they don't have the balls to say "MERRY CHRISTMAS" and instead avoid the "C" word or wish the pansy-assed "Happy Holiday's" instead.

Considering 9 out of 10 Americans celebrate Christmas, these companies are pandering to the lowly little 1 out of 10 that don't celebrate this holiday which has it's roots in Christianity and celebrating the birth of Jesus the Christ. (And don't even get me started with the whole but noooo it's a pagan holiday crap.  You know as well as I do that is NOT what Americans are celebrating.  We are a Christian nation.  Sorry if you don't 'like' that but I don't care. Go find a little safe place to cry about it - which is not here.)  I'm here to talk about the fact that 9 out of 10 people in America celebrate Christmas yet the companies that want our cold, hard, Christmas cash are afraid to say "Merry Christmas" because they {gasp} offend someone.

Pew Research polling indicates that 81 percent of non-Christians celebrate the holiday. That's about a third of Jews, three-quarters of Hindus and Buddhists, and 87 percent of people who identify as nonreligious

About nine-in-ten Americans (92%) and nearly all Christians (96%) say they celebrate Christmas, according to a 2013 Pew Research Center survey. This is no surprise, but what might be more unexpected is that a big majority (81%) of non-Christians in the U.S. also celebrate Christmas. This includes 87% of people with no religion and even about three-quarters of Asian-American Buddhists (76%) and Hindus (73%). Roughly a third of U.S. Jews (32%)

"On the AFA’s “nice list” are 51 retailers: 1-800-Flowers.com, Ace Hardware, AFA Online Store, Banana Republic, Bass Pro Shops, Bath & Body Works, Bed Bath & Beyond, Belk, Big Lots, Books-A-Million, Cabela’s, Cracker Barrel, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Dillards, Do-It-Best Hardware, Dollar Tree, Fred’s, H.E.B. Stores, HSN.com, Hallmark, Harbor Freight, Harris Teeter Stores, Hobby Lobby, Home Depot, Hy-Vee Stores, JCPenney, JoAnn Fabrics, Kirkland’s, Kmart, Kroger, L.L. Bean, Lowe’s, Macy’s, Marshalls, Meijer, Menard’s, Michael’s Stores, Neiman Marcus, Pier One Imports, ProFlowers.com, Publix, QVC.com, Rite Aid, Sam’s Club, Scheels Sporting Goods, Super D Drug, TJ Maxx, Toys R Us, True Value, Wal-Mart, and Zappos.com.

According to the AFA, most of the companies on the nice list use “the term ‘Christmas’ on a regular basis” and are considered “Christmas-friendly.” Sam’s Club, Fred’s, and Bath & Body Works refer to “Christmas infrequently, or in a single advertising medium, but not in others.”

Seven of the companies on the nice list - Cracker Barrel, Michael’s Stores, Lowe’s, Kirkland’s, Hobby Lobby, AFA Online Store, and Wal-Mart - are considered “an AFA "5-Star" rated company that promotes and celebrates Christmas on an exceptional basis.”

The AFA considers five areas to determine whether a company is “Christmas-friendly” in their advertising: print media (newspaper inserts), broadcast media (radio/television), website, social media (Facebook, Twitter) and/or personal visits to the store."

Sixteen retailers top the “naughty list” of the American Family Association’s 2017 Naughty or Nice list.

"Barnes & Noble, Best Buy, Family Dollar, Foot Locker, Gap, The Limited, Maurice’s, Nordstrom, Office Depot, Office Max, Pet Smart, Staples, Stein Mart, Supervalu, UncommonGoods.com, and Victoria’s Secret are listed as “naughty.”

Thirteen of those “naughty” companies have that classification because the “Company may use ‘Christmas’ sparingly in a single or unique product description, but as a company, does not recognize it.”

Please Note: AFA does not list local or regional companies. Only nationally-recognized companies will be listed. This list only reflects a company's "Christmas" advertising and does not take into account other corporate policies AFA may not agree with.