Single serve brewers similar to a Keurig but cheaper: Single serve coffeemakers for under $40

Although I've owned Keurig's since 2005 and I've since switched to the iCoffee brand in the last 2 years, I recall how shocking it was to buy my first Keurig and go from spending $25 on a coffee pot to $229 (at the time) for the 'new' coffee systems known as Keurig's.  My husband about had a heart attack when I came home from the car dealership after getting maintenance done on my vehicle and told him about this 'really cool' coffee maker they had and how it was probably the best tasting coffee I've ever tasted.   It was so fresh tasting and hot compared to what we were used to in our little old glass carafe style.

Since 2005 the world of single serve coffee brewers has exploded - and the cost has come down!  But even so, $90, $100 or $200 is still out of the budget for most people.  This morning I did a quick search on Amazon to find some affiliate links to single serve brewers that were all (as of this writing) under $40.  One of them is actually under $20!

Similar to what you might find in a hotel - very basic - no bells and whistles, it does it's thing and serves it's purpose.  But personally I like these smaller, basic versions to pack when we travel!

If you have a limited budget, are buying for a college student, an elderly relative, need a simple brewer to pack and travel with or are putting one in a second or third room in the house, these are all affordable coffee brewing options.

  • ✔ FRESH COFFEE LESS THAN 3 MINUTES - Simple one touch button design and auto shut off, It makes a cup of tasty coffee in a few minutes with just a push of a button, and the wider water tank mouth makes it more convenient to fill water and clean up.
  • ✔ PERFECT FOR TRAVELLING - Light weight and compact design of this single serve coffee maker makes it perfect for your desk at home or work, and small enough for travelling.
  • ✔ FREE 6 UNITS OF iFILL CUP FILTER Includes Free 6 Units of Ifill Cup Filter, Reusable up to 10 times
  • ✔ FAST SINGLE CUP COFFEE MAKER- Compatible with most single cup pods including k-cup pods, you can use the size as per your preference. It takes 3 minutes to get a cup of fresh coffee with fast brew technology. It is brewed hot enough that no need to put in the microwave.
  • ✔ CERTIFICATION AND WARRANTY - BPA-free material for water tank and UL, ETL, certification for coffee brewer give you guarantee. 

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