Girls Road Trip 2018: Information Overload! WeBoost Cellphone Signal Boosters - reviewing, reading reviews and pulling my hair out

Girls Road Trip 2018 - Topic - cell phone boosters!

Although I'm going to be doing a series of coffee talk regarding the planning of our 2018 trip, I haven't yet even announced where exactly we are going or what we are doing (because I don't know for sure myself) but here I am skipping ahead to tell you the cell phone boosters I'm looking at.

We have Sprint for our cell phone provider and if you have Sprint, you know they SUCK for coverage.  Seriously, there is no getting around it.  Verizon rocks for coverage but Sprint serves our family well for the whole family line coverage, and unlimited data, and we've not had issues with billing, etc. so we keep them for now.  Mostly, because maybe I'm too lazy to change providers.  But that is neither here nor there.  The fact remains we have Sprint and I can tell you from the kajillion cross USA trips I've made in the past few years there are more dead spots and weak signal spots than there are hot spots.  And if there is a cloud in the sky, all bets are off.

Last year I was bothered and inconvenienced (and a tad worried) about the lack of reception we had in many of the places my daughter and I were hiking, camping and traveling through.  Even while driving on interstates the Sprint signal is often missing or weak so I decided this trip, perhaps I'd invest in a cell booster.

Overwhelmingly in my research I've seen weBoost (Wilson) top rated time and again.  So I started to look at the options and reviews and after about 2 hours my head blew up so I had to stop.  In the end I'm happy with a couple of their products but 1) they are EXPENSIVE (*like, OMG expensive - $400 and $500) and I saw one review that said an odd thing; that Sprint reception can't be boosted because the signals are so 'close' to emergency signals that the boosters won't work on them.  I haven't figured that one out but it's intrigued me.

Here are three I was looking at and ultimately I'd love to go with the multi-phone/user wireless booster verses the more affordable single-phone cell cradle 'sleek' booster.

I don't know anyone who personally owns any of these so I'd be interested in hearing feedback if you do!