Girls Road Trip 2018 - Planning Underway!

Rambling over morning coffee.....

After the hullabaloo of the holidays and the family birthdays we have that same week, we get things cleaned up, packed away, organized and... I start to get the bug.  The hiking/camping bug.  

I'm fairly sure if you were to look up the word HOMEBODY in the dictionary, you would see a photo of my husband.  He likes to go nowhere. Ever. Work and home.  Even going out to dinner is a task I can manage to do only about once a year.  He's just very content and happy at home after a long day at work, surrounded by people.  He REALLY isn't a hiker, a camper, a traveler, uh, well, really any vacation that doesn't include a hotel room on a beach.  So for years I didn't get to camp, hike or really do anything but that 'hotel on the beach', and that is primarily how our kids grew up vacationing.  Once a year we'd hit the beach... and that was more than enough for my husband. 

When the kids (we have 3) were 6 yrs, 3 yrs and 6 months, I did my first 'real' solo traveling with them without the husband. We traveled to South Dakota from our home in Minnesota.  Not a long jaunt by any means but it was the first time I took the kids on a mini vacation myself - to attend a family members wedding, and it was a break-through of sorts.

After that I often traveled as a solo parent with the three littles and it suited the whole family.  The husband joined us a couple more times over the years but for the most part it had to involve a hotel room or at the least a modern cabin rental and there had to be water involved to sit and stare at.

This photo makes me smile (I tried to choose one that showed no ones face for privacy).  I took my son and his group of friends camping - commence pouring down the rain the ENTIRE time. Everything was sopping wet and muddy the entire weekend.  My son took it in stride but his girlfriend at the time was a miserable wreck and not only was she not happy about the situation, but she made sure everyone else knew it and no one else (mostly my son) was to enjoy a moment of peace or happiness.  Needless to say it was the final straw in that relationship and they broke up soon after.  They remain friends to this day but he saw they had very different interests and very different outlooks on how to deal with less than perfect situations.  Ha ha.


When my college aged daughter and embarked on a longer distance camping trip, camping across the state of South Dakota, The Husband was supportive and happy for us and glad to stand in the driveway and wave goodbye.  There was no way he was willing to camp across the state but he was more than happy FOR us since we were excited about it.

Just the two of us traveled from literally the state's Eastern boundary linen to the Western boundary line and we had an incredible time.  We were/are compatible traveling companions.   We are so much alike in our thoughts, personalities, interests that it's like camping with yourself; which means a great time!

And it's happening again soon!  We are SO excited to be in the planning stages of this years trip!  We've decided the state this year is going to be Arizona.

Stay tuned.....

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