It's just the coffee talking again.... about new laws in 2018

Yesterday I was reading the news online and saw an article about new laws for 2018.  As I started to read through them I just found myself shaking my head... and I decided to just 'click away' as I wasn't in a good frame of mind to read them.

Tonight I read through again and was going to tweet a few of them but then realized there were a number I'd like to draw attention to so decided to post about them on Coffee Talking instead.

First off - think about the biggest idiot 21, 22, 23, 24 year olds you know.  Now picture them high on weed. Legally.  Good Lord.  But it's true.   California’s recreational cannabis market will open its doors to residents beginning today (Monday the 1st)  at 6 a.m. Buyers 21 years or older will be legally allowed to purchase up to an ounce of marijuana and up to 8 grams of concentrates.

The Golden State joins two others – Maine and Massachusetts – that will legalize recreational pot use in 2018 - bringing the total number of states to eight. But unlike California, residents in Maine will have to wait until July to legally light up.  Currently, Colorado, Washington, Nevada, Alaska and Oregon allow adults to buy, sell and smoke marijuana.

Here is one that doesn't surprise me in the least:  California’s gun owners won’t be able to buy bullets online and have them shipped to their homes. A new rule requires purchasers to pick up their orders in person from a licensed vendor. The state is also clamping down on gifting assault weapons. Another new state law also prohibits people convicted of a hate crime from possessing a gun for 10 years.  Considering we just saw a 'hate crime' conviction for leaving a pound of bacon in a mosque, the definition of hate crime varies considerably and a gift of bacon hardly warrants a 10 year ban on owning a 9 mm.

Arkansas currently exempts active duty military pay from state income taxes. Now, there will be no state income tax on military retirement pay. Pretty awesome state to live in if you are military or retired military.

Texas will now let you vote without a photo ID if you can show you have a “reasonable impediment” to getting one.

Here is one I found interesting...  Kids caught sexting in Colorado will be subjected to a range of punishments including lengthy lectures and courses on the consequences of sharing nude pics online to being charged with a misdemeanor. In severe circumstances, they could be charged with sexual exploitation. As the parent of three kids who have successfully made it to their 20's now, I'm just going to shake my head, smirk and think how stupid Colorado is... and leave it at that.

Domestic violence victims in Illinois will soon be able to break their cell phone contracts. The new law also lets survivors keep their phone numbers and save money on related costs for a new account when they leave their abusers.  I'm wondering how this is going to be enforced...

Un-fucking-believable how Nazi like our country is getting:  If the cops catch someone using a handheld cell phone in a school zone in Tennessee, they will be charged with a class C misdemeanor and fined $50.

In 2018, pets will be elevated in status in Illinois. Dogs, cats and other four-legged fur babies will be fair game in custody battles. Judges will be instructed to take into consideration what is best for the animal during divorce proceedings.  The state is also banning elephants from circuses and traveling exhibits.

Do you live in Oregon and like to ride a bike?  Going to buy a bike?  Oregon is looking to cash in on bike riders in 2018. You will have to pay a flat $15 fee for each bike you buy that costs more than $200. Businesses will collect the cash during the sale of the bike and turn it over to the state every quarter. Oregon will also bump up its gas tax by four cents per gallon in January. Vehicle registration fees will jump by $13.

There are obviously hundreds (or thousands) more laws than these, and there are more mentioned in the news article but these were some I just wanted to share with readers while I'm sitting here sipping my coffee tea, actually and pondering.