Rambling over coffee: The best camp cooking experience verses one of the worst (The GAS ONE propane and butane stove)

It's just the coffee talking.... 

This morning as I sipped my coffee I was glancing over some of the photos in my camping file for Coffee Talking.  I came across one I used on CoffeeTalking not long ago in a post about taking my son and his friends camping one weekend when all we had was torrential rains 95% of the time. 
With all the constant rain, the wood was so wet we could not get it to burn warm enough to cook biscuits or even dry any of our saturated clothes.  

It was a fight to get it going and even bigger fight to keep it going as there was nothing dry enough to burn.  We didn't own a cookstove of any type back then in part due to the fact we had no extra money to buy any real camping gear but also because we believed that when camping... you cook over a fire. Period.  For better, for worse; a campfire is mandatory to cook over!  

eedless to say we were wet, cold and hungry that weekend.  (Most of our group took it in stride and had a great time anyway; only one was so miserable she was trying to make it miserable for everyone else... it really was fun hiking in storms and slipping all over muddy hills and trails!)

That was then....

This is now...

One of our best camp/cooking nights was when one of my daughters and I were in a beautiful state park, with some great hiking trails, incredible rocks and a gorgeous river.  This was our first experience in a 'sleep' cabin - opting for it over a tent when we saw they were offered for only about $10 more than a tent site at this particular site.  Sparse, 1 room; it offers a bunk bed, a bench and a hook.  No kitchen, bathroom, separate rooms, etc. You bring your own sleeping bag and pillow and everything else because it's basically a wood tent with a built in bed frame.  It  also offered a great deck overlooking the river and one of the trails below.

I had bought a camp cook stove for this particular trip because later, we were camping in some primitive areas that in addition to no facilities, also banned all open fires of any type.  The only thing they allow in this area was a cook stove.  I was 'forced' to change my view on camp cooking and honestly?  Thank you God!  Ha.  Having coffee in mere minutes of waking verses building a fire waiting for it to get hot and brewing coffee in my little percolator was a blessing and a gift on that trip.  Especially when the temperatures dipped down to the 20's on that trip - and we were in a lightweight tent.

We had a sleep cabin.  A private deck. A picnic table and instant heat to cook over.  We had such a great night this particular night; every single thing was perfect.  It was actually the first night of our 2 week girls road trip in which we went on to tent camp across the state; but for this first night of relative luxury....  we are forever thankful.  And yes, a cookstove on this trip earned it's place as a "priority" now when camping. 


The GAS ONE propane and butane stove I personally bought and is in the picture above:  HERE

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