Coffee Brewed at The Touch of an App: The GranBaristo Avanti Super-Automatic Espresso Machine

I'm just sipping an iced coffee and clicking around the internet as I found myself with some free time and a quiet house. Click-click-click and before I knew it, I was looking at a coffee maker that you can operate from your smartphone.  As in... lay in bed, decide through 18 different beverages, in the style you wish and brew it by choosing your options on your phone through a bluetooth connection.

"Craft a coffee to your taste via an app on your phone; and operate the connected coffee machine via Bluetooth."

From the Philips website:

  • Enjoy high-tech brewing by enlisting the Avanti app to save and brew your preferred drinks, complete with flavor strength, Coffee volume, temperature and amount of froth
  • Profile management system on the machine can also be customized for up to six Coffee drinkers
  • Easy-to-use bean switcher and included Extra bean hopper make it a cinch to change to decaf or a different Coffee blend
  • VariPresso Chamber automatically adjusts extraction pressure for custom brewing, adapting to suit your beans
  • Adjustable ceramic grinders ensure a cool, consistent grind to preserve the delicate essential oils in Coffee beans

$2799.  Whoa.
That's almost as much as we paid for our son's first car when he turned 16.  It's as much as we have to cough up for the dorm our college-daughter lives in per semester.   And people pay this for a coffee maker?
So... we obviously live different lives.  I can't imagine a life where I have an extra $3,000 for a coffee maker.  But I was still intrigued.

Obviously I clicked over to Amazon to see what they were selling them for.

And I did find it cheaper.  As of today when I researched this post, you could get the exact model (The Gran Baristo Avanti) for $2539.   Perhaps even those who want to spend $2800 on a coffeemaker can appreciate the savings of a couple hundred dollars. 

Here is the Amazon affiliate link to the 'smart' espresso machine....

Saeco HD8967/47 Smart espresso Machine


Saeco HD8967/47 Smart espresso Machine, Silver