Girls Road Trip 2018 - Currently need to decide on hiking boots or trail shoes

Hiking Boots: This week the plans include hopefully picking out new hiking boots or trail shoes as well as our power source(s).

I've been researching online and reading reviews but it's crazy; you get two reviewers in a row and one says 5/5 stars and loves them, great out of the box, fits perfectly and they hiked 5 miles with no issues.  The very next review gives 2/5 stars and complains they run extremely small so order a full size larger than you usually wear, they needed 2-3 hikes to wear in and they'd never order them again.

Originally I gave up online, decided I'd have to find the time to drive to some brick and mortar stores to try on a bajillion pairs and find them that way; but honestly that "time" never materialized... and the thought of driving all over God's green earth to search for styles, brands, colors, fit, function AND the best price (because I have to rob Peter to pay Paul to budget for the Girls Road Trip items) I can do that MUCH EASIER FROM HOME, barefoot, in pajamas with a hot cup of coffee by my side.

And that is why I'm continuing my research on shoes/boots.  I have about 5 picked out and sitting in my Amazon Wish List so I've got it narrowed down a little bit.


I intended this post to be longer, with some details and a second topic of our power source options but I'm running behind and need to get started on some 'real' work that doesn't include rambling away at the keyboard on my blog while sipping coffee.  A second post will come soon for that whole power topic.

If you have some trail shoes and hiking boots (low) advice to offer, I'd love to hear it. 

Here are the trail shoes I have bookmarked at Amazon that I'm currently considering:

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