Gun Control? What about a Minimum Age Requirement?

Obviously the latest mass shooting is all over the news and everyone is upset and angry and frustrated and in feeling so, conversations are all over the place with blame.  Mostly and usually misplaced.

It seems in the past decade, immediately the blame is NOT put on the perpetrator, but on anyone and anything else depending on the political leanings of the person or the news station.  (Because honestly, we don't have unbiased news anymore, it isn't about facts - it's all editorials, conjecture and in the case of CNN, just completely made up in order to try to get ratings)

But I'm already rambling over coffee... (yes, I've got my fourth cup of the morning in front of me now).

Age mandate.

How about it?

Science tells us the young brain is not fully mature until approximately age 25/26.

And today's little college snowflakes that need 'safe places' to bubble wrap themselves (and insist on snapping fingers instead of clapping because loud noises might be a trigger for someone, and yada yada) and a plethora of other issues show us today's young adults age 18-24 are no where near as mature and responsible as any time in American history. 

So back to my idea.


A minimum age to purchase guns.  Twenty-five.

Yes, I know a LOT of responsible, law abiding, mature young people age 15-25... but I'm not talking about my circle of friends, family and people who live in my geographical demographic or follow my political views.  I'm looking at the USA as a whole.  That includes the half of the country that is pretty much full of bat-shit crazy liberals with poor parenting skills who believe socialism and communism are great ideals among a thousand other things I need to just not get sidetracked discussing.

Stepping back and looking at our country as it is today - with all things being relevant - I would fully support a minimum age requirement of 25 to legally purchase guns.  Now, this won't help in most cases because guns are gotten illegally (BECAUSE CRIMINALS DON'T FOLLOW LAWS - INCLUDING GUN LAWS) but this last shooting in Florida, I'm reading he (the screwed up young Democrat with years of mental issues, anger and discipline) bought his gun legally.  He's 19 and the news said he bought it last year; at 18.

There is no way we should be letting 18 year old hot heads buy guns.
Or vote in presidential elections.

Their brains just aren't physically mature enough and they don't have the ability to use critical thinking skills.
Not until the approximate age of 25/26.


Sources for brain maturity studies are numerous and show 25/26 and even 30.  You can look it up for yourself but here are a couple to get you started.

  • https://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=141164708
  • http://hrweb.mit.edu/worklife/youngadult/brain.html