Rambling over coffee: You know what phrase I hate? "Am I the only one who....."

"Am I the only one who...."

SCREECH.  That was the sound in my head when I hear that or read it online on a blog, Twitter, etc.  Like fingernails on a chalkboard, that phrase will instantly make me cringe and get me seeing red.

I instantly stiffen and in my head (well, sometimes out loud, depending on what kind of mood I'm in and where I'm at) I say, 

"YES. Out of 7.6 BILLION PEOPLE IN THE WORLD, you, my little fucking snowflake are the ONLY ONE who feels that way...."

Not quite as strong, but still just as stupid is after an earthquake on the West Coast the twitter feeds will be filled with people saying "Did anyone else just feel that!?"  NO.  You have roughly 1 million people in your general area and you are the ONLY ONE who felt that 5.7 quake."  Aren't you so special? Do you feel better now?