Girls Road Trip 2018: Arizona - the first post on the food situation - Augason Farms Fiesta Pail (Mexican Foods)

As I slowly start to post more about the planning of our Girls Road Trip for this year (Arizona this time) I am going to venture briefly into the food situation but I'll touch more on this topic later.  The reason I'm going to post this part of it right now is that I came across an incredible deal on some freeze dried and easy to prepare meals and I snatched up an order for it - and I want to share the information before the price changes (which I have no idea if or when it will so that is the need to let my readers know about it now.)  We will be bringing all our food and water for the 2 week trip and I always go with freeze dried foods for the light weight and easy of preparation.  However, this time I'm venturing away from my norm because (and maybe this is just because I was really hungry at the time...) I was looking online at my normal long term storage food sites and saw the 'pail' meals; and the Mexican Foods "fiesta" pail looked incredible.

Includes Qty Servings
Spanish Rice 1 8
Freeze Dried 100% Real White Meat Chicken 1 8
Taco Flavored Vegetarian Meat Substitute 1 8
Refried Beans 2 8 per pouch
Tortillas 3 16 per pouch
Scrambled Eggs with Imitation Bacon Flavored Bits 1 12
Corn Tortilla Chips 1 16
Enchilada Red Sauce 1 16
Fajita Seasoning 1 8
Cheese Sauce 1 8
100% Real Colby Shredded Cheese 1 16
Salsa 1 32
Total Pouches: 15
Total Servings: 196
Pail Size: 4 gallon pail with handle
Net Weight: 7 lbs. 9.01 oz. (3.43 kg)
Shelf Life: Up to 30 years*

On the Auguson Farms site it's currently selling for it's full price of $119.  A quick check of related stores that sell it (Walmart, Sam's Club, Overstock, etc.) all have it for the similar price; normally $95-$105 - which is not an amount I can afford to spend at this time.  However, I found it sold through Amazon on half off.  (The price and quantity available may change at any time but current as of this posting.)

This will really liven up our 'regular' fair of the Mountain House pouches we all know and love; lasagna, chicken alfredo, beef stroganff, etc.  Here is some of the food ideas using the ingredients in the  Augason Farms Fiesta Pail, Emergency Food Supply, (Mexican Food)

AND on that listing I saw they also offered the Italian Pail version for the same price!  Yes, I ordered both.