Camping Hint: Pack seasonings and spices in empty Tic-Tac containers

Gearing up for our Girls Road Trip 2018, I purchased a box of Tic-Tacs at Sam's Club solely for the purpose of eating them up so I can use the empty containers.  For this, Mr. Coffee was happy to oblige by swapping out his normal mint gum for mint Tic-Tacs.  The only caveat was he bring home the empty container and deposit it into a metal can in the pantry I was storing them in.

When I got a few empties I soaked them to release the labels (initially the labels of my 'test' containers came right off.  NONE of the box I bought for this project came off easily. Not a one.  All needed to be soaked off with Goo Gone).  I washed them, let them dry and then paper toweled them off to remove any leftover oil or residue.  Next I simply ran some labels off on some file folder stickers I had sitting in the cupboard.  Wrap them around the container, fill with whatever seasonings or spices you usually like to use on your meals; and you have a quick, easy and storage-friendly way of bringing along seasonings on your hiking, camping or backpacking trips. 

I started out with a natural sweetener (labeled sugar) along with a cayenne pepper/chiptole seasoning mix, salt, pepper and a garlic powder/salt mixture.  I'm waiting on the husband to finish off a couple more containers of Tic-Tacs so I can finish up with our chicken seasoning mix, lemon pepper garlic mixture and cumin!