Cold Brew Coffee (using Senseo Coffee Pods)

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I'm currently snacking on a bowl of fruit and perusing the dark roast and sumatra choices of coffee pods on Amazon as I try to finish up the last of the 'What do I still need for the road trip....' list.  

I use Senseo and Melitta coffee pods as our 'go to' coffee choice on camping trips.  I think I've posted about that before.  So I'm trying to find the best price for my Sumatra pods but am willing to order plain old dark roast if it saves me a bundle and on the page for Senseo Dark Roast I see they have a recipe for cold brew coffee.  I thought it would be great for It's Just the Coffee Talking so here you go!  

Related to this post (and the whole reason for this post) - Senseo Coffee Pods available on Amazon (which is what I'm shopping for right now for the camping/hiking trip...  Girls Road Trip 2018).