Girls Road Trip 2018: Our 'other' solar shower option - the Green Elephant 2-in-1 Solar Shower Dry Bag


I'm so woefully behind in posting some of the items I wanted to feature that I've purchased for our newest 'Girls Road Trip' coming up.  I have invested in a bunch of new items since our last road trip, camping across the state of South Dakota. My intention was (is) to post some of the new items I have decided on but life sure has a way of keeping me too busy to get it done.

Today I'm quickly (quickly!) going to post about the newest shower bag I invested in - and I'm super excited about this because it doubles as a DRY BAG too!  When I ordered this one I primarily was looking for another solar shower as we are going to be 4 days in an area where this will be our only option for showers after spending our days hiking in Arizona.  (One of our stops is 3 days of hiking that does not even allow solar showers!  No electricity, no water, no ground fires and no solar showers!)  That's not going to be pretty!  Ha ha).

We have one solar shower already that I bought years ago - but remember; "two is one, and one is none".  In the end I opted for this guy not only because it got good reviews but it was affordable, holds up to 5 gallons, had a handle option I felt could handle the weight of the water (most solar showers cannot!  They will RIP almost immediately and can only be filled barely half way), it doubles as a place to store any wet, dirty, muddying clothing or shoes if needed, and this could double as a DRY bag to secure our things if we opt to do any rafting or kayaking.

It's called the  Green Elephant 2-in-1 Solar Shower Dry Bag.  I bought mine from Amazon and here is the official description straight from their site:
Product description 

A true backpacking basic!

Make your backcountry adventures and wilderness camping trips more comfortable, safe, and efficient with Green Elephant's 2-in-1 portable camping shower and dry bag! Perfect for washing up after a long day and protecting your valuables in wet conditions, this bag will quickly become your new go-to when you're looking to travel light.

Easy, quick, convenient!

Simply convert this bag from 1 function to the next, thanks to expert design. An ample opening and wide, stable base make it easy to fill, and the sturdy handle allows for dependable transport without leakage. Position the bag so the solar-heating transparent panel faces the sun, and after 3-4 hours on a sunny day, you'll have a hot shower ready to enjoy! When you're finished showering or washing up, simply turn the bag inside out -- the flip-out design ensures complete drying and prevents the growth of mold, bacteria, and odors.

Shower in comfort!

What good is a warm shower if it doesn't last? Generous 5gal capacity allows for 5 minutes of continuous water flow - perfect for 2 adult showers or up to 3 children's showers. And with the FREE rope, you can create the perfect shower setup anywhere you go!


Save space AND money with the outdoor solar camp shower/dry bag that does double-duty and rolls up to a modest 15.7"x5.9"! As a dry bag, it fits airplane carry-on regulations, making it a smart, valuable, and versatile essential for at home, in the air, and on the trail!

The 1 and only!

Get the innovative combination that's unlike any other shower bags on the market! Our cutting-edge dry bags/solar showers for camping are a backpacker's dream come true. Even after a long, sweaty day on the trail, you can enjoy a warm shower to help you get rested up and ready to go again!
One of the few complaints I read in the  reviews is that sometimes when it arrives there is a kink in the hose.  Yes, mine ended up having one as well but no worries.  When I put it away I just make sure the hose is 'free' and laying flat and the kink works its way out. I also read one reviewer that said he was putting a stick (like a chop stick) in it while storing to work the kink out.


THIS is one of the reasons I chose this bag - the roll & clip handle!  This is one of the only ways you can truly carry or hang a heavy bag of water.  Almost every cheaper made solar shower rips from the weight.  This is made so well - not only with very thick, heavy plastic, but it's so easy to seal and carry - and hang.



I don't think we'll have much of an issue with the hot Arizona sun heating up the water for a shower or quick wash up with the Green Elephant Solar Shower Dry Bag but our backup plan if it happens to be a cloudy or cooler day is to heat water and pour it into the bag and then hang and shower/wash up.  I'm thrilled with the excellent quality of this bag compared to other solar showers I've owned/used.  This one blows them out of the water on the thickness of the material, handle for carrying and ability to hold enough water to get use out of.

You might be interested in this same item, available through my Amazon link;

Green Elephant 2-in-1 Solar Shower Dry Bag - 5 Gallon Portable Shower Bag & Waterproof Dry Bag with Transparent Panel for Camping, Emergency Preparedness, More + FREE Bonus 5m Rope.