Having little ones means you start to appreciate a good cup of coffee! Or... any cup of coffee. Good or bad!

We've had little ones here all week but Mr. Coffee has today off so I have another adult here to tag-team for a bit and I sent him outside with them with goal in mind: to shower.  Please, oh how I really just want to shower! 

The toddler is a typical todder - average, normal, good little kid.  Sure, some temper tantrums, might get into something he shouldn't every now and then but for the most part is just a regular little toddler and not too difficult.  The 3 year old however is basically a miniature 20 year old college student.  The brains in that one - wow.  So he is constantly on the move, on the go, having to touch everything, do everything and watch everything.  He wants to know how things work and if he watches someone do something once he will imitate it and try to figure it out himself.  And he usually does.  His 'toys' are all far beyond his typical age-group and some of the best toys are things like figuring out locks, doing science experiments, cooking (he can make things like pancakes, waffles, scrambled eggs, cakes, etc. almost by himself; just a little help with the measurements and the 'hot' cooking parts of the recipe); padlocks (yes, regular padlocks adult use to lock things up) and items like that - he loves to figure out how they work and then will put them on things and take them off again.

And sneaky.  And fast.  If I leave the room for a bit to go around the kitchen to grab a glass of water I know the toddler will probably keep playing with toys, wander to a new toy, watch the cartoon playing on the tv, etc.  I also know the 3 year old will immediately (within 2-3 seconds - not joking) run to do something naughty.  This might be sprinting to disassemble the wi-fi router, sneaking into the storage room, grabbing the pool table cue and balls and throwing them around, body slamming his little brother to the ground, stealing his toys or standing on top of toys he knows will break...  you don't and can't leave the 3 year old out of your sight for more than 7 seconds or he WILL be into something. 

Uh, I'm rambling again.  Sorry.  I've got a few cups of strong, hot coffee in me.  You know how the coffee makes me ramble a bit!

Back on track:  He keeps me on my toes.

And if there is anything having multiple little ones around makes you appreciative of, it's the ability to enjoy a hot cup of coffee.

I can't count the number of times I've put a k-cup into my iCoffee brewer only to have it sit, unloved for 2 hours until I was able to get back to it.  How many times I've attempted to get up early in the morning and silently brew coffee and sneak to the office to check emails before the little ones wake up, only to have the 3 year old and his stealth hearing call out to me within seconds of me sitting down and raising the hot mug of coffee goodness to my lips. 

A cup is brewed, set down to play blocks, change a diaper, reprimand, teach, help, sing, count, color, draw, play...  and it's not remembered until it's gone cold and tastes like ashes.

Ah... the ability to sip a hot cup of coffee is something I can appreciate when I have little ones around the house again.

This morning I got up at 4:30 am.
I was a ninja in my own home, silently maneuvering my way around and brewing a cup of hot, strong, black coffee.  I was successful.  And it was a beautiful thing.

And to top it off, today is now a glorious day.

Because not only did I get a hot, strong, black cup of coffee this morning but I got time to check my emails and I managed to get a nice, hot shower in.  I even got to shave my legs.  Glory be!  I got to shave my legs! 

It's a good day.